Do you ever feel like you’re failing? Failing at being a mom, a spouse? Failing yourself? I’ve been there. I have those moments, those days…sometimes even those weeks. Those times where you can’t seem to keep your cool and are snapping at everyone. Those times where the house is a complete disaster, like with food on the floor (or ceiling), dishes overflowing the sink, toys strewn in every room of the house, piles of laundry down the hall, scribbles on the wall, disaster.  Those times when YOU are a complete disaster, having not showered in days, yoga pants and t-shirt covered in sticky fingerprints, snot, and/or spit-up.

And, in those lovely moments, you feel like a failure (or at least I do at times). You’re stressed, emotional, tired, feeling like you can’t keep up and you aren’t doing a good enough job (whatever “good enough” is). Getting dressed up means putting on jeans instead of yoga pants. Your house doesn’t look like those pictures on Pinterest or all the fun home decor/DIY blogs you read. You’re not spending “enough” time enriching your child’s day through one-on-one activities and cute Pinterest-worthy projects. You’re not “enough.” You’re failing.

It’s a LIE!

You are NOT failing. You ARE enough.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder, and I saw that lots of moms got one for Mother’s Day. I saw many cute papers like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.22.30 PMThat one is mine, from my sweet little 1st grader. The whole thing is adorable (and hilarious)…and then there is the last line.

“My mom is special because…she loves me.”

Not because she cleans the house…or she looks pretty…or she makes good crafts…or makes gourmet dinner. Just love.

So, in those moments of stress, of craziness, of feeling like you’re not doing “right,” just take a step back. Take a deep breath. Shut that negative talk down in your head. And, love. Love them (and love yourself).

You ARE enough.

Do you ever struggle with those feelings as a mom?

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