I’m almost ashamed to state this but being pregnant is not one of my favorite things; actually I do not enjoy it at all. The fact I am only half way through my pregnancy depresses me.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel beyond blessed to have a miracle inside of me and cannot wait to meet this little man but this little man has been kicking my butt physically and mentally.

I know I am growing a child but the rapid weight gain, fear of stretch marks, and other body changes have definitely taken a toll on my confidence. I dread getting dressed in the morning, nothing seems to fit the way I envision it or nothing fits at all. I am in an awkward phase where maternity clothes are a little too big and do not hang right but normal clothes are too snug. I love to work out and the consistent heartburn and ill-feeling has made it hard, so now I have lost all my muscle tone and I am growing a large belly.


The more frustrating part is comments, looks, or touching of the belly from those around me:

You don’t Even Look Pregnant, Just Pudgy” – Pudgy, really? No woman every wants to hear that word used to describe her body.

You are getting SO BIG”- Again, Big? Not a word to use when describing a woman.

You don’t even look pregnant”- Well, how do I look, fat?

Don’t be insecure about your belly, you are growing a baby, its beautiful”- Thank you for reminding me! How could I forget between the nausea, headaches, shortness of breath, and my pants not buttoning? And, I definitely do not feel beautiful but again thank you for reminding me that I am pregnant.

Lastly, why do people who you barely know or who you are close with feel the need to come up and rub your belly without asking? The thought of it makes me cringe and when it happens I am beyond uncomfortable. You are rubbing a part of my body that is making me very self conscious and now I have to fake a smile and act as if you have you haven’t completely unsettled me.  If I wasn’t pregnant, would you come up and rub my belly? NO, so why do it now?

I must sound like a complete cynic so let me state a few things:

  1. It is my goal to embrace the bump and understand people are just excited for me.
  2. I’m trying to ignore others comments (good or bad) and just remember there is a miracle growing inside of me by focusing on the daily kicks and movements that remind me there is in fact a baby in my stomach (however big it may be or may be getting).
  3. I love this little man inside of me and would not trade this experience for the world, despite all the things I have stated above.

How do you handle your growing belly bump?

Any suggestions on how to embrace the bump and love the way you look?

Did you have these same frustrations?

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2 Responses to Embracing the Belly Bump

  1. I still haven’t figured out why strangers think it’s okay to rub my belly. That never stops being weird.

  2. Maria says:

    First, believe in yourself and don’t care about other people. Everybody feels different and have a different experience. The physical change and sickness it’s not easy.
    I didn’t have a lot of clothes to wear and I didn’t look glamorous at all.
    I never enjoyed other people touching my belly. I didn’t like at all.

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