Easter is a big holiday for our family. In our faith our salvation comes because of Jesus’ resurrection, proving he was the son of God and capable of paying the price for all our sins when he died on the cross. What better reason to celebrate than knowing we are forgiven forever!

I remember my mom cooking lamb or a honey ham and having a formal dinner with family on Easter Sundays. So when we purchased our first home I began our tradition of formal dinners with family on Easter. Since having kids the traditions have changed a bit but it’s always centered around our faith and family.

My formal Easter table last year

My formal Easter table last year

One thing I enjoy doing with my boys is an Easter egg hunt. We have a good size backyard and the first year we did it with Little Man (he was two and a half at the time) we couldn’t have had more fun watching him run around grabbing and opening eggs.

Little Man 's first Easter egg hunt

Little Man ‘s first Easter egg hunt

Last year it rained on Easter so we had to improvise a bit with the egg hunt. I ended up placing the eggs around the house. Little Man didn’t seem to mind one bit. The surprise of finding what was inside the eggs was his favorite part, who cares where he found them!

Egg hunt inside the house

Egg hunt inside the house

This year Im even more excited as Punkin is old enough to join in on the fun. Creating an egg hunt for two boys of different ages is such fun. Of course we don’t want the 14 month old getting eggs with anything chokeable so I am trying to figure out the best fillers for both kids. We aren’t huge on candy in our family so I found this post by fellow Right Start Mom Catherine Moss VERY helpful: 32 creative Easter egg fillers for toddlers.

Do you do an egg hunt for your kids? What do you use as fillers?

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