Easter is around the corner and the shelves at the stores are brimming with chocolate bunnies and pastel-colored candies. I don’t buy much candy for my boys, but I especially don’t buy candy for my eight month old. When sweets are very mainstream for a holiday celebration, it can sometimes be hard to find something that’s more appropriate for your family. Since this is my 3rd child, I’ve already done the First Easter thing a couple of times, so I have some ideas of what’s going to go in his basket.


Teething accessories. At eight months, we are very much on the teething train. Maybe you’ve been wanting to pick up that special teething toy, or a nice amber necklace but they’re a little outside of your everyday price range. Easter is a great excuse to spend a few extra dollars on a gift for your little one.

Food. If you have an older infant, they probably love things like yogurt melts, puffs, teething biscuits and of course pouches of delicious baby foods. These are all great alternatives to candy, and you can get really festive and put some inside of a few plastic eggs.

Stuffed Animals. What’s cuter than a chocolate bunny? Not much, but a chocolate-brown plush bunny is pretty darn cute too. And it will last so much longer.

Mason (163)

Diapers. Maybe not so exciting to the little one, but if you’re going to spend some money why not buy something useful? If you use cloth diapers it’s the perfect opportunity to buy an adorable new fluffy diaper to add to your stash.

Small toys. I love putting rattles, small toys and soft books into the baskets. They are always a favorite, and my kids were always so excited to see them, and grabbed them right out of the basket.

Most of all, don’t feel obligated to create a huge extravagant basket. It’s not about how many things you buy, it’s about spending time as a family and enjoying the holiday!

What do you like to put in baby’s first Easter basket?

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