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Easter is right around the corner and what does that mean to a parent? Easter baskets, of course! And if your child isn’t old enough to enjoy chocolate bunnies (or you’re trying to avoid sweets,) there are still tons of super cute options to fill the Easter basket with for babies. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. And the best part of all of these is that they can all last far beyond Easter.

Pat the Bunny Board Book – This classic touch and feel book is a perennial baby favorite. If you’ve already got a copy of this on your shelf, try other books starring bunnies like the Velveteen Rabbit or Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket.

Bunny Rattle – This adorably soft bunny rattle is sure to elicit a smile from even the littlest Easter egg hunter.

Bunny Socks – Every baby can always use more socks. (Just where do they all keep disappearing to anyway?!) And these adorable Peek-a-B00 Bunny socks are not only functional, but holiday appropriate.

Sorting Eggs – These are a great gift for an older baby or toddler. We got these for my daughter when she was about 10-months-old and she still plays with them to this day at nearly 3-years-old! Young ones will love the cheerful chirping noises the eggs make when you press them down, while older ones will enjoy sorting them by shapes and shell tops.

Stuffed Duckling – Easter isn’t just about bunnies. Other creatures like fuzzy yellow ducks also make an appearance, and this oh-so-cuddly and incredibly soft version would make a perfect addition to any Easter basket. Seriously, those Jellycat stuffed animals are so crazy soft you’ll find yourself wanting to snuggle up with one yourself.

Are there any other must-have items for your Easter basket this year?




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