Earth Day! Yes, we recycle. Yes, we turn off the water when we brush our teeth. Yes, we take our own bags to the market. And when it comes to children’s clothes, my 2 year old wears my 3 year old’s hand-me-downs (most of the time anyways… a gal’s gotta have new clothes sometimes!). I like to think we do our Earth Day part, year-round, in a way that’s accessible for our everyday lifestyle.

But now that I have two toddlers (instead of babies), I’m finding that I’ve got TONS of baby gear around this place. Like, more than I know what to do with. I donate most of it, but here are a few fun ways to repurpose baby gear. Thought you all might get a kick:

SWADDLING BLANKETS! These don’t just come in patterns of ducks and monkeys anymore… have you seen some of aden+anais’ most trendy Bamboo designs? Love ’em. 1) Fold one in half (diagonally) and tie one around your waist as an apron for washing dishes or cooking. Or, 2) Tie sideways around your hips for a quick sarong at the beach (then untie and use as a blanket to sit on). 3) Wrap one around your head in turban-style and watch it dry your hair in a jiffy. 4) Chilly? Twist and knot around your neck for a trendy, slouchy scarf.


BABY BOTTLES! With a quick snip, bottles transform into no-spill paint containers. (Got this tip from Baby Gizmo… fabulous!) I’ve tried this first-hand… it WORKS. And it’s soooo easy.

BABY WIPE CONTAINERS! Turn these perfectly-sized boxes into mini-storage containers for art supplies, small toys, mini First Aid kits in every room. And don’t toss those compartmentalized formula/snack containers — they make perfect desk/drawer organizers for paperclips, rubber bands and more.


BURP CLOTHS! Consider yourself stocked in the ‘rags’ department. Old burp cloths work brilliantly for washing windows, dusting furniture and wiping down wet swingsets in the backyard.

BABY POWDER! This one’s a beauty tips for us moms — baby powder has been a longtime favorite for ‘de-greasing’ dirty hair at the roots. If you’ve run out of your regular dry-shampoo, just sprinkle a tad of baby powder at your part line (not too much, or it will look white!), rub in and brush through.

CRIBS! Legend has it that cribs can be reshaped and hammered into desks and all sorts of things. I’m not an expert on this (nor have I even tried it), but hey… feel free to give it a stab and let me know how it goes! Some really fabulous ideas HERE for those who have the skill.


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