My oldest daughter, Madeline,just turned six this September which means she was just a wee baby when her first Halloween rolled around. Since she was my only child at the time I wasn’t planning on dressing her up in a costume as we had no intentions of trick-or-treating, attending a party, or anything else for that matter. Now, I know that might sound bah humbug to some of you but I just didn’t think I should spend money on a costume for a six-week-old baby if we were planning to stay home. And honestly there just wasn’t much to choose from on a newborn size in my local stores. Note to new mommies out there: If you want a cute infant costume order it and order early. (FYI, Right Start has some fun infant Halloween costumes.)

Newborn Halloween costume

The day of Halloween I was out running errands and came across some already marked-down baby costumes and all of my willpower slipped away. I just could not resist buying my little one a costume, even if we weren’t planning to go anywhere. I picked out a pumpkin costume. The idea of my little tiny baby inside of that sort of a little orange pumpkin costume was too cute for this new mommy to pass on. This “little” pumpkin costume was not exactly little. Not only was it intended for children 0-6 months making it too big for my 6 pound girl it was basically a cushy orange sleeping bag with a jack-o-lantern face and a hood at the top. In short when I tucked Madeline in, pulled up the hood and zipped it up all you could see was her little newborn face. It was adorable and simultaneously too much for such a little baby. In other words it was pretty darn perfect.

With a new costume purchased our plans had to change. After all, we couldn’t just stay home –  where we would probably not even get a single trick-or-treater – and not show off our cute little pumpkin. Instead of just staying home we made the rounds visiting my parents and my husbands parents. Not exactly trick-or-treating or a wild Halloween party but more of a treating the grandparents with a visit from the cute little baby in the big orange pumpkin bag. I’m pretty sure she was their favorite trick-or-treater of the night.In my opinion she was the cutest pumpkin ever and I’m pretty glad I caved and got her a costume.

Did you dress your baby up for their first Halloween?

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