I got pregnant with my second kid when the first was nine months old. I distinctly remember one of the first thoughts that ran through my head when I found out. “How on earth am I going to transport them?” Getting around with one baby was hard enough! I started the hunt immediately and finally settled on the aptly named Britax B-Ready, which easily goes from a single to a double stroller with tons of configurations.

britax b-ready 1

We started with the stroller in the single configuration to get our first son used to it before the second came along. He loved the distinctly high seat and I loved the shock-absorbent wheels and incredible stability. For a single stroller, though, it was noticeably bulkier than any of our other singles. This thing is large and in charge, and it quickly became the favorite of my 6’4″ husband. It took a little getting used to for me. I ultimately fell in love with the top-of-the-line features like the plushly padded handle, comfortable seat and large basket – though I kept a compact umbrella stroller around for convenience on short, quick trips where the stroller would be coming in and out of the trunk frequently.

britax b-ready 2

When the second baby came along, we bought the lower infant seat and car seat adapter so that we could click our Graco SnugRide up top.

britax b-ready 3


The stroller comes equipped with top adapters for Britax car seats, and there are lower car seat adapters for those who choose to keep their toddler up top and put the car seat down on the bottom. We wanted the infant up top, in the front, since they need more hands-on care for feedings and frequent changes during those first months. This worked out but did have its drawbacks. By the time our second son was ready to use a regular seat, our two-year-old son was getting too big to clamber into the lower seat without bumping his head on the car seat in front of him and whining about his lack of space. If I had it to do over, I would have put the infant down bottom and left the toddler seat up top, where it’s easier for rambunctious kids to climb in and out.

britax b-ready 4

As soon as the younger kid can hold their head up on their own, then you can ditch the car seat adapters in favor of two big kid seats! We brought back the original seat that we initially used for our older son and added it back up top, letting the older one sit up front again and putting the younger one down below where there’s less space. The front seat can be forward-facing or rear-facing with the simple click of two buttons. As you can see, in the rear-facing position the footrest for the top seat hangs into the bottom seat, which wouldn’t work well with two older children but works fine with a younger child in the lower seat.

britax b-ready 5

I haven’t found many double strollers that fold up well, but the Britax B-Ready does get remarkably flat with the signature Britax one-hand fold.

britax b-ready 6

It fits in our tiny Hyundai Elantra trunk, with just enough room for a couple diaper bags behind or on either side.

It’s worth noting that at a regular price of $499.99, the Britax B-Ready is the most expensive stroller we’ve owned (although it can occasionally be found on sale). With the plethora of configurations and ability to grow with my children, however, it’s well worth it! The Britax B-Ready has become our go-to stroller for every occasion.

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