funny kidsIs it wrong that I don’t correct my kids when they mix up their words?

I can’t help it. There’s something so innocent about those mispronounced and mixed up words. I can’t stand to think about a time when squish cheese becomes boring old Swiss cheese and stick stops being a 4-letter word.

I suspect I may be in denial that my kids are getting older. With my oldest, I couldn’t wait to get to the next stage. Now that I’m on my 4th, I’d happily stunt her growth for a year or so just to keep those baby cheeks around a bit longer.

My 6 year old has been asking for a puppy. It’s a rite of passage for every small boy. He’s been pouring over an old dog breed book that I’ve hung onto since I was a kid and searching for the perfect breed. After days of research he finally announced that he had made his decision.

“Mommy” he said. “I want a dorkie.”

We all laughed and he blushed. It turns put that a dorkie puppy is a Yorkie. And he wants one. Bad.

Despite the teasing he got the first time he said the name, he’s continued to call it a dorkie. And I just can’t correct him.

As moms, we fail in small ways all the time. It’s expected. That perfection thing . . . it’s nonsense. I have hugely failed my kids when it comes to writing down all those cute little things they say. It pains me that I’ve forgotten so many of those words and phrases that have made me smile.

As a formerly avid journaler, I found that I’d run out of time when I became a mom. With 4 kids I’m lucky if I remember to write down my to-do list so forget about keeping up with the baby books. But my kids are getting older and I’m feeling it acutely as they replace each of their own vocabulary words with something correct and less child-like.

It’s not too late to start over though. A friend recommended keeping a small notebook in my kitchen drawer to be used to write down the funny things kids say. I may have better luck with a file on my phone but whatever does the trick is fine with me.

What funny little phrases do you love hearing from your kids?

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One Response to Dorkie puppies and squish cheese

  1. Ashley says:

    We don’t correct “some-ping” or “the farty”(havarti) or when our youngest sing ” like a diamond in the store” to twinkle twinkle because one day they will stop. One day they will be teenagers and we will be stupid and for now those moments keep them little.

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