About a week ago a terrible accident happened in my house. Don’t worry, no one got hurt, but I am sad.  A city utility worker came by the house to change out the electricity meter. He knocked on the door and let us know our power would be out for a few minutes and then he would be on his way. It was just after we had put Delaney down for her morning nap and just before he cut the power  and we could hear her babbling through the baby monitor on the kitchen counter. A few minutes later when the power came on our monitor beeped like it does when the units aren’t linked. It continued to beep through the morning. My husband and I were too busy to stop and figure out why. Finally after lunch and putting Delaney down for her afternoon nap I took a moment to try to stop the maddening beeping and figure out the problem.

Well, friends, no amount of plugging and unplugging, jiggling batteries, and messing with cords could get those monitors to link up and work again. They turn on and never find each other. All they seem to be able to do is shout out a constant DLEEP! DLEEP! DLEEP! to let us know they are not linked. They’re like ships passing in the night or some other sad old cliché. Of course our need to be clean and tidy means we do not have the packaging or the receipt for these little things which means the one-year-warranty is outside of our reach even though we purchased them less than 9 months ago.

do I really need a baby monitor?

For the past week I’ve been going about my business without my handy monitors. And let me tell you I don’t like it. Not one bit. It’s not the nighttime that poses the problem as my bedroom is mere steps from the nursery but the day time as I go about my day moving around my 3-story house and the yard or run out to grab the big kid from school while the baby is sleeping while my husband works in the basement is a problem. I can hear her but not as easily. Needless to say I’m not happy. Not one bit.

my baby monitor broke

So now I have a dilemma. Do I buy a new set of monitors? Or just soldier on and save my money for the other items Delaney is sure to need in the near future like a convertible car seat?

What would you do, buy a new monitor to keep track of the baby or go on without it?

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