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When we got pregnant with our second child before the first turned a year old, my husband was understandably nervous. Our first pregnancy was a little complicated. I had an irritable uterus and lots of early contractions that led to some scary hospital visits and me having to leave work a month early. How would I manage all THIS while juggling another baby?

“Don’t worry, hun, I got this,” I tried to reassure him. “We know exactly what to expect this time around! Things could be way worse.”

Just a suggestion for anyone else thinking of getting pregnant again: don’t tempt fate. If you pretend to have some sort of handle on pregnancy, pregnancy will kick your butt.

After having a boy the first time around, I was convinced that the second was a girl because the pregnancies were SO different. The first time I felt queasy, a little sick for a couple weeks at the most. The second time I was down for the count the entire nine months.

I recall a particularly nauseous trek to Rite Aid in which I raided their “Stomach Relief” pharmacy aisle, slapping on every seasickness band and downing every Vitamin B supplement that I could get my hands on before puking all over my shoes in the parking lot. People would tell me I had that “expectant mother glow;” I’d scowl and explain that it was nothing but sweat from hovering over a toilet bowl all night.

There were a couple bright spots, though. The irritable uterus wasn’t quite so irritable the second time around, leaving me free to chase after my son when I wasn’t throwing up. And after a roller-coaster of hormones during the first pregnancy, I was thankfully level-headed as we went through the stressful life changes of having our second child and buying a home for the growing family.

I think the biggest difference the second time around was my energy level. I felt SO much more exhausted the second time. Having transitioned from working full-time with the first to being a stay-at-home mom with the second, I expected to have the luxury of squeezing in naps now and again. Not so much. The couple hours that my son slept just didn’t seem to cut it, and I wanted to sleep from sun-up to sun-down and then all throughout the night. I had to invest in a bigger playpen and more gates for the house out of fear that I would literally pass out while watching my baby and he’d crawl off into harm’s way. It was brutal.

In the end, however, we did all survive unscathed and made our way into a fast labor that was exactly like the first. At least my two sons had one thing in common: they were both anxious to meet me!

Were your pregnancies very different, or were they similar?



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5 Responses to Different Strokes for Different Folks

  1. Each of my pregnancies has been completely different! I was also convinced that my second would be a girl because I was SO SO sick. Nope. And now I have THREE boys!

  2. Mine were different as well. My second pregnancy was a breeze compared to my first. Thank God it was since I had a very active toddler to chase around. I also thought it was a girl but as ou know from my earlier post it was another boy. I do wonder though if the pregnancy kinds foreshadows what the kid will be like….first pregnancy was high maintenance and so is the Little Man who came out. Second pregnancy was pretty easy and the Punkin who arrived is an angel baby.

    • Chelsea Day says:

      I’m glad to hear you had an easy pregnancy after your first difficult one. We’re trying for another and I just keep dreading pregnancy, thinking they’ll all be rough from here on out. My first son is really independent, but rather demanding at times. When he wants attention he wants it NOW – much like those awful irritable uterus contractions I had with him! And my second is low-key, just wants to cuddle on the couch all day – much like what I wanted to do when I was pregnant with him.

  3. I have two girls and the pregnancies were different enough for me to think I was having a boy the second time around. No boy, just more of that good old first trimester yuck and a whole lot more pregnancy exhaustion… which probably had more to do with the 4 year old I was chasing around all day and less to do with the baby growing in my belly.

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