shutterstock_506943520The holiday season is the perfect time for baking cookies, right? Well, yes, but once you’ve made your sugar cookies and gingerbread men, don’t put your holiday cookie cutters away just yet! Beyond their traditional purpose, cookie cutters actually have a ton of fun uses that your toddler will love. They’re a great entertainment tool to have around the house, and these fun cookie cutter ideas will help you create adorable toddler-made gifts for family, as well as entertain your toddler while you tackle that big “to do” list.


Cute and Creative Ways to Use Cookie Cutters This Holiday Season

Make ornaments
Add some paint, glitter or ribbon and attach an ornament hook, and that tree- or star-shaped cookie cutter becomes a cute ornament.

Cookie cutter stamping
Cookie cutter stamping is a great toddler-friendly way to use ornaments to create holiday or seasonal art.

Holiday play dough
Make some holiday colored or scented play dough, and put your cookie cutters to use! Add some red and green food coloring or essential oils for some holiday-flavored fun.

Salt dough ornaments for gifts
Salt dough ornaments are a perfect grandparent gift. Use your cookie cutters to cut out holiday-themed shapes. Then bake your cutouts and have your toddler paint the finished products.

shutterstock_523535776Holiday-shaped potato stamps
Make potato stamps using your smaller cookie cutters. Your toddler can help you decorate wrapping paper or simply have fun with paint. We even have easy instructions to make potato stamps.

Sensory tub toys
Sensory tubs are great for young children and tend to keep them busy and entertained for good chunks of time. Put some rice or shaving cream in a tub or pan and let your little ones play with the cookie cutters in the tub. Add in some other fun holiday items such as tinsel, plastic ornaments and pine cones to make it even more fun.

Holiday-shaped stencils
Use cookie cutters to trace and color.

toddler entertainment ideas: ways to use cookie cutters this holiday season // rightstart.comJazz up lunch
Holiday-themed lunches are easy when you use cookie cutters. Just like adults, kids eat with their eyes first! And something as simple as a pb&j cut to look like a candy cane or gingerbread man is sure to be a hit!

If the weather permits, get outside for a bit and use your cookie cutters to blow bubbles, instead of the traditional bubble wands.

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