New moms have so many decisions to make before the baby comes. It can be an exciting and stressful time.

OK – Nursery furniture is purchased, now you need bedding! Where do you start?



When I was pregnant, I didn’t know the sex of my child, so that limited my choices even more. Years ago, my choices were pale green and yellow.  No fun at all! What I thought was a good idea, turned out to be more work. I figured I’d purchase an inexpensive set until the baby was born and then get something I really like. Well, after my son was born, I had more things on my mind then getting more bedding. Unfortunately, it was months before I bought him cute bedding.


I love the thought of piecing together your own nursery, picking out the cute sheets and crib skirts. Even picking out gender neutral prints have come a long way, making it fun to browse through the many choices.



With so many bedding choices out there, where do you start? When purchasing and thinking about your bedding purchase, did you end up going with a theme? Did you purchase everything separately to create your own look?

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