Picnic dinner while watching Cars

Picnic dinner while watching Cars

Reality has started to set in again now that Punkin is almost five weeks. As I emerge from my newborn haze I realize I want to find our new “normal” as a family of four. Part of feeling “normal” to me is finding those fun family moments to make memories. Memories, especially good ones, take intentionality as a parent. They don’t just happen. They take forethought, planning and energy. Frankly I am not always up for the effort. That was the case this week when my toddler was getting over a fever, my husband was just getting one and I was scared to death the baby would get one (thankfully he didn’t). Needless to say by the time Friday rolled around I was so tired I needed to do something to put us into a good place to start the weekend. A wise woman once told me that when you find yourself saying NO a lot it’s time to find things to say YES to.

As dinner time approached I dreaded the thought of fighting with my toddler over how many bites he needed to take, what seat he could sit in or why he couldn’t be excused from the table yet. Then I had a revelation, I would remove all the things that I found myself fighting. We would have a Fun Family Friday night complete with a picnic dinner on the floor watching my toddlers favorite movie and eating food I knew I wouldn’t have to coax him to chew. Little Man was so excited he carried his own bowl of food to the living room and gobbled it down while watching Cars. For dessert he got ice cream with M&M’s, his favorite. Granted he didn’t go to bed till later due to all that sugar but we had a blast as a family and Mom got a break from saying no.

What fun things do you do as a family to create memories with your children?


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  1. Kate says:

    Great post, Kate! Since our little guy is only 10 months old and goes to bed early, we can’t sit down together for dinner as a family yet. So I make sure my husband and I both sit down with him and eat our breakfast while we feed him each morning. We play music and make it fun so that he has early memories that family time is also fun time!

  2. […] couple of weeks ago I wrote Creating memories as a family where I instituted a Fun Family Friday night with a picnic dinner in the living room while watching […]

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