‘Tis the season for making sweet family memories! There is something so special about the magic of the Christmas –especially when young kids are concerned. I think a big part of what makes this time of year so special is all the fun traditions. Creating family Christmas traditions is one of the fun things about being a parent of young kids!

Creating Family Christmas Traditions

What kind of Christmas family traditions does your family have? Once you start a family of your own, you have to decide what family traditions from your childhood are going to be carried on and what new traditions you’d like to start. My husband and I have carried on some fun traditions we grew up with and have started a few of our own. Here are a few favorites…

  • Ornament Tradition.  Each year, the kids get an ornament to add to their collection. This is a tradition that both my husband and I had growing up that we love continuing with our boys.
  • Elf on the Shelf. Yes, we’ve joined the craze. This tradition didn’t exist that I know of when we were young. But, we decided it would be something fun to start!
  • Christmas Book Advent Tradition. We started this a few years ago and I LOVE it! Some years we’ve been more “exact” with it than others, but we read a different Christmas book each day.
  • Matching Christmas Pajamas. This is a new one too! Growing up, neither my husband or I remember new jammies being a regular part of Christmas. But, it’s something that has started since having kids. Every Christmas Eve we give the boys new special Christmas jammies (that are matching/coordinating of course). Adding to the tradition, I make sure to get a picture of the boys in their jammies together on Christmas morning. So, I’m hoping over the next many years, I’ll have an adorable look back at them in their Christmas pj’s.

So fun! I absolutely love this time of year with all the special traditions and family memories to be made. What are your favorite family Christmas traditions?

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