In my experience, toddlers love to make art as much as big kids do. Or even as much as I do. I am sucker for a good coloring session or some time with construction paper and glue. I believe that art projects are a perfect opportunity to sneak in some learning time while getting creative and having fun. Really, everything can be a learning opportunity for a toddler. Even toddler art time.

Do-A-Dot rainbow painting

Springtime is the perfect time to focus on color. Everything seems brighter and more vibrant in spring. Color is finally returning to our lives after a long grey and dull winter. What better way to get a little art time in and talk about colors in spring than by making a rainbow? No better way if you ask me.

Do-A-Dot paints are an exceptional toddler paint. They take a lot of the mess out of the painting fun and they are so easy and fun to use. They are a little bit like bingo daubers. Combining spring themes and Do-A-Dot paint is a great way to bridge the gap between painting with a brush and coloring.

Dot rainbow 2


Make a colorful springtime dot rainbow.

To bring colorful rainbows into your life all you need is some plain paper – white is the best – Do-A-Dot paints, and markers.

Using markers, draw lines in the colors of the rainbow in the shape of a rainbow. Then hand the paper over to your toddler and let them match up the right paint with the right stripe of color and then dot along the lines. On top of all the fun your little one will have placing dots of color all over the paper, this is great for recognizing colors, matching colors, and developing hand-eye coordination.

toddler rainbow art

For good measure here are a few more rainbow art projects and learning activities for your little one:

Rainbow Sorting Craft
Paper Plate Lacing Rainbow
The Clothespin Game

What are your favorite ways to bring a little springtime color into your toddler’s activities and art making?

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