I’m a cloth diaper mom. But now I’m a cloth diaper mom using disposable diapers on her baby.

I fell in love with cloth diapering while pregnant with my oldest daughter. I loved the colorful diapers we bought because they would significantly reduce our waste, they would save us money, and they would look so darn cute on the baby. We cloth diapered our oldest from birth to potty training without a care. I washed diapers a few times each week and we got our money’s worth out of them. Both my husband and I loved them.

cloth diapers or disposables

When pregnant with our youngest there was no question on whether or not to cloth diaper her. It was a given that we would. We really didn’t even debate what type or brand of cloth diaper we would use the second time around either. We happily cloth diapered our daughter for the first 14 months of her life. Her skin has always been a bit more sensitive than my older daughter’s skin, but we worked with it and figured out new tricks along the way. Towards the last few months, her skin issues worsened and no matter what we tried things just wouldn’t get better. While using disposables on a vacation out-of-state we saw a quick and noticeable improvement in the baby’s skin issues in just a few days. We decided at that point it was worth it to give disposables a try. After all, she was just so uncomfortable in cloth diapers and the improvement in her skin with disposable diapers was noticeable even to her.

It’s now a few months later and we’re still using disposables. We have tried to go back to using cloth diapers but her skin issues quickly flared up. Everything we’ve tried – from new diaper detergents, to creams, and even lots of diaper-free time has not worked. Disposables have worked the best to keep her skin healthy. We’ve tried a handful of disposable diaper brands, and have settled on using Honest Company Diapers. We really appreciate their eco-friendly stance as a company, and the more eco-friendly materials used in their diapers.

The switch from cloth to disposable has been hard on me, but sometimes we have to do things for the sake of our children that go against our beliefs. I know I have made the best choice for our situation even if it was not the direction I wanted at the beginning.

Have you used cloth diapers or disposable diapers for your children?

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