I can’t believe that just one month after our first-ever hospital stay we’ve experienced it again; this time, for burns. A little over two weeks ago we had a grilling accident. In a split second of looking away, our littlest guy (just 14 months old) touched the side of the grill and ended up hospitalized with 3rd degree burns on both of his hands. Look at this poor baby hand with huge blisters on it…Hand burn blisterMost people think that picture is terrible, but the real horror was actually once they popped the blisters to reveal deep tissue damage (thus, 3rd degree burns). So our world has consisted of dressing changes and burn debriding (which is truly like torture) for the past two weeks. In this post on dealing with 3rd degree hand burns, I give a glimpse into what all of that is like.  And, it won’t be ending for us anytime soon. baby hand burnsSo, in the wake of all of that, I want to take this opportunity to give everyone a reminder about child safety where hot objects are concerned! After sharing our story, I’ve heard from SO many with burn stories — either their children suffering burns or themselves as children. Scalding water and hot drinks, hot bacon grease, falling into fires, open oven doors, hot irons, curling irons, and of course, the grill….those are just some of the many things I’ve heard about in the stories from others.

Due to the natural curiosity of toddlers (and how quickly they sometimes move), burns are probably not surprisingly one of the most common childhood accidents. I now know firsthand how quickly this can occur – even to parents who are quite cautious where baby safety is concerned. But, it only takes a second! So, this is a reminder for you to please

  • be extra diligent when kids are around hot grills, campfires, fire pits, ovens, stoves, and any other hot objects.
  • consider blocking access to the grill or stove/oven with baby gates or other barricades.
  • check your hot water heater and make sure it’s on a lower setting to prevent scalding in baths, sinks, etc.
  • keep handles of pots/pans turned toward the back of the stove when cooking.
  • use an oven lock to prevent little ones from opening a hot oven (which then could lead to them falling into the oven – someone shared a story with me about that!).
  • NOT ever hold a baby while cooking, grilling, or messing with the fireplace/camp fire.
  • NOT ever hold a little one in your lap while drinking hot drinks or hot soups.

Burns are an absolutely terrible injury – really one of the worst according to his doctors. Just a split second of those sweet little hands on hot metal and we’re looking at months to complete the healing process. Hand burns (and any burns that cross joints) are especially tricky to deal with. I can’t imagine what people go through when it’s a larger surface of the body. AWFUL!

As parents, I know there is only so much that we can prevent. Accidents can happen even to the most diligent parents. But, I also know how easy it is to get comfortable and forget about some of these things. And, it can happen in a split second. So, please please use extra caution where fire & hot things are concerned – especially when young kids are around! I can assure you that wiping dead flesh from your child’s body is an experience that you do NOT want to have.

Have YOU ever dealt with a serious burn accident?

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5 Responses to Child Safety: Burn Prevention

  1. jillsimonian says:

    Oh Sara…. my heart feels for your family and your little one! How scary. Glad that things are on the mend and now it will just take time. SO scary…. hang in there!

  2. Poor guy! When I was in middle school I spilled a cup of boiling hot water and ended up with 3rd degree burns through my shoe and sock! It was a long recovery, and I had to walk with crutches for a few weeks. I hope my kids never have to go through that. It was horrific.

  3. Oh ouch, ouch, ouch! Poor little guy. And poor mom! I really feel for you. That has got to be horrible seeing your baby in pain.

  4. karin says:

    Im sorry to hear about your little boy. My boy 17 months old burnt 3 days ago with kettle water. It has been absolutely horrible. My heart goes out to you as now as a mother I know what it is like.

  5. […] probably all heard the phrase, “it only takes a second.” And after dealing with 3rd degree burns on our toddler this past year, I absolutely know firsthand that it does indeed only take a second for a serious […]

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