Do you celebrate valentine's day with your kids

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids? We do. And, it actually never struck me as something we wouldn’t do. Growing up, my parents made Valentine’s Day a fun day to do something a little special. I remember special treats like fun candy, chocolates, or a heart-shaped dessert. With that, we usually got cards and fun gifts like cute stuffed animals. While the romantic side of the holiday was certainly more my focus during high school, college, and beyond, once we had kids I never gave celebrating with them a second thought. I’m all for any excuse to make cute things, do a little party of sorts, or give little gifts.

But, recently, I’ve seen some others in my Facebook feed commenting on celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids outside of the common “school paper Valentine cards exchange”. One friend said, “I just found out that kids get gifts for Valentine’s Day now? When did this happen? When I was young we got paper valentines at school and that was it. Why should kids get gifts for every holiday?” Honestly, I had never given it a second thought. But, the comments and discussion that followed were SO interesting! People’s opinions and family traditions for this “holiday” seem to vary quite dramatically.

I don’t feel like we go overboard. We don’t turn it in to a second Christmas or anything. At our house it’s just something a little extra fun and special. But, I can definitely understand the rationale behind not wanting to place a heavy focus on it.

So, what’s your take? How do YOU celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids?

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