When I first heard about the BubbleBum booster car seat, I was already sold on its compact size, exceptional portability and affordable price. I knew my 8-year-old had to try this unique inflatable booster. To my relief, he was much happier in this small, cushiony car seat than in his bulky booster. He even told me he felt more like a big kid, so now I don’t have to worry about coaxing him into his car seat!

When we went on vacation to Washington D.C. and Florida we brought the BubbleBum. I was extremely glad I didn’t have to haul a colossal car seat around the airport! I honestly can’t think of a better travel solution for families.


BubbleBum’s narrow design allows parents to fit three kids in the backseat of most vehicles (including fuel efficient cars!), all properly secured in their car seats. Plus, it deflates easily and folds flat for extra convenience wherever you are. It even fits in my purse!

BubbleBum was created by Grainne Kelly, a travel agent and mom who became frustrated when the car rental company didn’t have the booster car seats she rented in advance for her two sons. After her trip, she contacted some of her clients and found that her situation was pretty common. (How many times has this happened to you?)

And then it came to Grainne that an inflatable booster car seat would be the perfect solution: Parents would always have access to a safe and practical car seat for their children no matter where they are.

Grainne created a prototype, tested it, continued to refine it and conducted market research to make the BubbleBum exceptionally safe. Within nine months, BubbleBum was on store shelves and soon after it received recognition as an IIHS Best Bet for booster car seats and won the JPMA Innovation Award, the 2012 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and the PTPA Media Award, among many others.

Today, parents across the country have made their lives easier by using the BubbleBum booster car seat. Find out all about BubbleBum’s safety features on Right Start’s website!

How often have you rented a car seat from a car rental company only to find it wasn’t available when you needed it? Tell me in the comments below!

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