Park trips and play dates are fairly normal around my hometown. With two young children we have to get out of the house and do things. Getting out of the house and doing something educational and fun is just one of the reasons my husband and I work hard to make sure we take our girls to visit a variety of museums each year. There really are many reasons other reasons that make bringing kids to museums a great family outing.

Bringing Kids to Museums

Trips to the museum give my girls the chance to connect with ideas, creatures and, and worlds outside of their everyday life. Space? Dinosaurs? Fantastic works of art? You name it. A museum is a great way to open even very young children up to new and exciting things. Sometimes a small taste of something new can spark a new love – or obsession as it happens for some kids. Just as with an up close experience with a current topic of interest for a child, this can lead to an even deeper love and appreciation of things. I’ve seen this happen firsthand with my oldest daughter with both trains and dinosaurs during their respective phases. A few hours spent looking at fossils, foot prints, and recreated scenes from prehistoric times or an afternoon checking out a variety of engines, cars, and cabooses would send my daughter into a whole new level of interest.

To top it off, museums often conduct incredible research, curation, and education programs that benefit the public. I can’t think of a better way to support those efforts and get my kids learning and out of the house than to pay for admission to the museums we love. We have a couple of museum memberships to help us support the institutions we love such as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science – which for all you moms of Dinosaur Train fans is where Dr. Scott the Paleontologist is the vice president of research and collections and chief curator. Museums open up so many possible learning opportunities and conversations for the whole family. As you can see we love going to them for fun quality family time. Not to mention all the possible trips to aquariums, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, historic sites, botanic gardens, and nature centers we can take as a family too.

Do you visit museums as a family? Do you have a particular museum that you love the most?

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  1. Diane Starkey says:

    I hear that the Denver Art Museum is not only fantastic, but also has an area for people who want to try their hands at creating types of art — a great experience for kids to see what goes into making some of these pieces!

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