Did you know that in their early weeks, babies will to feed anywhere from 8-12 times in 24 hours at anywhere from 45-minute to 3-hour intervals? If you are considering breastfeeding, it will be important to have the proper nutrition to keep up with your little one’s needs.

“Eat healthy, eat plenty and drink as much as you can,” says Linda Hanna, RN, Board Certified Lactation Consultant and teacher of MomAssembly’s Breastfeeding 101.

According to Hanna, eating small, portioned meals throughout the day, and getting a couple hundred extra calories from snacks of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, smoothies and so on will help you keep your milk supply going. Staying hydrated is also a must. Avoid raw, unpasteurized food and uncooked meat, chicken, eggs and fish, as a baby’s gut is still maturing and may not be able to tolerate possible bacteria.

“There really isn’t anything you can’t eat, but you have to be careful about some of your choices, just like when you were pregnant,” Hanna relates.

All of this information and much more is available through MomAssembly’s Breastfeeding 101 course, which covers everything you need to know about breastfeeding, from the very first feeding right after birth to information about breastfeeding comfortably and handling common challenges that may arise.

The course is highly beneficial to those who are considering breastfeeding when their baby arrives, as well as for those that are struggling with breastfeeding.

“Some of you may have felt like you’re not 100% sure yet. You want to know some of the reasons breastfeeding is vital for you and your baby,” says Hanna.

This 14-part course features approximately 2-7 minute segments, with demonstrations, that can help you decide whether breastfeeding is for you and can guide you on your journey.


The segments include:

  1. Intro and Benefits: A brief overview of the basics and the benefits of breastfeeding
  2. Composition and Quality of Breastmilk: An overview of the nutritional components of breast milk
  3. Getting Ready: All the essentials you need to make yourself comfortable while feeding
  4. The First Feeding and What to Expect:  A guide and tips for the first feeding after delivery
  5. Maternal Concerns: Help for breastfeeding moms who have had a cesarean or other distress
  6. Anatomy of the Breast: The physical anatomy of the breast and how it makes milk
  7. How to Latch your Baby Part 1: How to achieve the perfect latch
  8. How to Latch your Baby Part 2: Positioning for the perfect latch
  9. What to Expect During Feeding:  Different positions for comfortable feeding
  10. Review and Understanding Output: How to identify your baby’s feeding cues and what to expect with the babies output
  11. Relief for Sore Nipples: Suggestions on how to care for irritated nipples
  12. Treatment for Engorgement: Ways to alleviate discomfort
  13. What you Eat: a Little Bit About …: All things nutrition
  14. Making More Milk: An overview of cookies, teas and herbs to boost lactation

Interested? Check out more information about Breastfeeding 101 for yourself!

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