When you are in a serious relationship, the first question is: “When will you get engaged?” Then when you get engaged and married, the next question you will be asked is: “When will you have a baby?” Then, you finally get pregnant and people ask: “Do you know what you are having? Would you prefer a girl or a boy?” Now that I’m going through this, I am not sure it’s appropriate to ask someone if they want a boy or girl. The automatic response is “I don’t care; I just want a happy and healthy baby.” Well of course you do! But inside, you know that you do have a small preference.


I personally wanted my first baby to be a boy (this baby). When people asked me, I always hesitated to answer because, what if I had a girl? Yes, I would be equally as happy with a girl. But the fact that I said I would prefer a boy would make me feel awful. This is why I am not sure if friends or family should ask this question. It puts the pregnant couple in an awkward position.

For me, I always wanted a boy because I grew up with two amazing older brothers. I loved having protective older brothers, and I know they made me a stronger, smarter, and more adventurous person. They also gave my dad a little peace of mind knowing they were always watching out for me.  This is what I would want for my future daughter.

Today, I found out the sex of my baby! It was such an exciting day! I am blessed to be having a baby boy! Now that my husband and I found out, we are tasked with coming up with a creative way to tell our parents who do not live in the same state as we do. We thought we could send cookies, a video, flowers, or something else, but making the delivery the same day was going to be a bit pricey, and we cannot wait another day to let them know. So it must be today!


I thought we could send a picture of the ultrasound with a blue bowtie superimposed on it, or a video of us eating a blue cupcake.

Do you have any fun or creative ways we can share the news? What are your thoughts on being asked which sex would you prefer? 

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2 Responses to Is it a Boy or Girl? Which Would You Prefer?

  1. Maria says:

    Congratulatiuons! I always want to have a boy and I got two wonderful sons and friends.

  2. You’re an amazing sister and I’m proud & privileged to be a family member & a friend

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