When you are in a serious relationship, the first question is: “When will you get engaged?” Then when you get engaged and married, the next question you will be asked is: “When will you have a baby?” Then, you finally get pregnant and people ask: “Do you know what you are having? Would you prefer a girl or a boy?” Now that I’m going through this, I am not sure it’s appropriate to ask someone if they want a boy or girl. The automatic response is “I don’t care; I just want a happy and healthy baby.” Well of course you do! But inside, you know that you do have a small preference.


I personally wanted my first baby to be a boy (this baby). When people asked me, I always hesitated to answer because, what if I had a girl? Yes, I would be equally as happy with a girl. But the fact that I said I would prefer a boy would make me feel awful. This is why I am not sure if friends or family should ask this question. It puts the pregnant couple in an awkward position.

For me, I always wanted a boy because I grew up with two amazing older brothers. I loved having protective older brothers, and I know they made me a stronger, smarter, and more adventurous person. They also gave my dad a little peace of mind knowing they were always watching out for me.  This is what I would want for my future daughter.

Today, I found out the sex of my baby! It was such an exciting day! I am blessed to be having a baby boy! Now that my husband and I found out, we are tasked with coming up with a creative way to tell our parents who do not live in the same state as we do. We thought we could send cookies, a video, flowers, or something else, but making the delivery the same day was going to be a bit pricey, and we cannot wait another day to let them know. So it must be today!


I thought we could send a picture of the ultrasound with a blue bowtie superimposed on it, or a video of us eating a blue cupcake.

Do you have any fun or creative ways we can share the news? What are your thoughts on being asked which sex would you prefer? 


As Right Start’s Toy & Media Buyer, Meghann grew up loving being outside and enjoying all Mother Nature has to offer. After graduating from Florida State University, she eventually moved to Colorado and has been with the Right Start for four years. She loves finding unique products that will entertain baby and make parenting easier.

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2 Responses to Is it a Boy or Girl? Which Would You Prefer?

  1. Maria says:

    Congratulatiuons! I always want to have a boy and I got two wonderful sons and friends.

  2. You’re an amazing sister and I’m proud & privileged to be a family member & a friend

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