Recently I took a vacation to the beautiful island of Maui with several families for Thanksgiving.  It was a great trip and everyone had a blast.  Most of the kids were between the ages of 8-12, but we did have a 2 year old along and it reminded me of the joys and challenges of traveling with little ones.

I remember traveling with my own toddler son and how much extra “stuff” you have to pack just in case. My diaper bag alone would be busting at the seams!  My friends brought their BOB stroller and being from Colorado, it had never been tasked to perform in the sand.  It did beautifully even loaded down with all of the extra items needed for a day at the beach for 7 kids and 11 adults.  I can say that “pack mule” was definitely not the original intent of the stroller, but the Bob on the beach was super helpful carting necessities along with little Justine who was not so happy to be photographed that afternoon!

BOB on the beach

BOB orange

Here are some other great travel items that came in handy on our vacation that are available at Right Start as well:

Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed – comes with compact bag for traveling.  All of the kids slept on air mattresses in our condo and this one is perfect for a toddler with the side rails.

Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

Diaper Dude Convertible Messenger Backpack – awesome backpack, so many pockets to keep essentials like your phone, wallet, etc out of the sand and kept hands free to carry towels and boogie boards to and from the beach!

Diaper Dude Convertible Messanger Backpack

JJ Cole Essentials Blanket – perfect for the beach because it is water-resistant and folds up into its own carrying case.

JJ Cole Essentials Blanket

Wishing you happy and safe travels this holiday season!

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