I was looking through my previous posts on here, and I loved looking back at some of my memories that I have shared. I was fortunate to hop on the Right Start Blog when I was pregnant, and as a result, have shared my new parenting experiences every step of the way. I swear, I woke up the other day, and my newborn was 7 months old. So here we are with another exciting milestone: eating solid foods.


Tips for starting solid foods // blog.rightstart.com

Now I will be perfectly honest with you. I was not chomping at the bit to feed my daughter solid foods. Her doctor gave us the green light, and I proceeded timidly, until Lillian was showing us that she was really ready. Or was I just fooling myself into delaying the start of this next phase because of all that it entailed: fear of choking, dirty diapers, more clean-up, actually having to go grocery shopping instead of ordering delivery and buying more products. It was probably the overwhelming endeavor of having to navigate through the products that delayed the whole experience. I felt like I had just gotten the hang of pumping and bottle feeding, and now it was time to introduce an entire new experience – well, I guess that is parenthood!

So I solicited the advice of my mom, sister and friends to get their take on must-have baby products for feeding. Whether you are doing rice cereal, purees, baby-led weaning (I love this post and this post by fellow RightStart blogger Kate Wilkinson about her experiences), you will need some of the same basic products. I am sharing the products that I have loved while introducing solids. Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this milestone. Watching my daughter master this skill has been the most inspiring!

High Chairs

We looked at the Stokke Tripp Trapp and the Peg Perego Prima Pappa before settling on the Inglesina Fast Table Chair mostly because of limited space in our small San Francisco kitchen. Friends love the Stokke Tripp Trapp because it is adjustable as your child grows. The Peg Perego is also safe with the wide legs and easy to clean.


If you are starting with purees, then the best starter kit is the Baby Bullet Food System 20-piece set. Add it to your registry if you are expecting! I saw this EZPZ Happy Mat on my absolute favorite show, ABC’s Shark Tank, and was delighted to see it in the San Francisco Right Start store! Anything with a suction bottom is the best, and the cute designs on these mats are an added bonus.

Silicone Feeding Products for Right Start // blog.rightstart.com

Keeping it Clean

This SugarBooger Jumbo Floor Splat Mat is a must, and the zipper case is perfect to use for other things, like carrying diapers, toys or food supplies. Honestly, forget cloth bibs. Silicone bibs are the only way to go. I cannot tell you how many stained food bibs we have from our pre-Make My Day Silicone Bib days. I just order the Kushies Taffeta Waterproof Bib with Sleeves and cannot wait to have my daughter try it out.

Hope these suggestions make the experience easy, fun and a little less messy!


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