best books for early readersOne of the things that I am most proud of is the fact that I’ve been able to be the one to teach all 3 of my boys how to read. It’s been such a joy to watch as they grasped each concept that took them closer to becoming a reader and now I’m thrilled to death when I find my 10 year old hiding under the blanket in his room so he can finish “just one more chapter.”

A love of reading starts early and it can be a process. Finding great books that kids enjoy and gently lead them into more advanced books is key.

These are a few of my favorite books for early readers:

Bob Books – I didn’t discover Bob Books until my second son was learning how to read and I’m kicking myself for not finding them earlier. These incremental readers get kids reading real books from the very beginning and add new sounds and sight words with each book. I used them when my second son was 6 and he was reading fluently within a month of starting the series.

I Can Read! Books – The I Can Read! Series is a favorite with my kids because they have such a wide variety of books featuring their favorite characters. They have leveled readers starring your favorite superheroes and storybook characters so there’s really something for everyone.

Dr. Seuss Books – Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? For early readers, the nonsense words that make the books so fun are great practice because they help kids learn to decode words. I start my kids with “Hop on Pop” as soon as they know the sounds the letters make and work my way up from there.

As my kids are learning to read these books on their own, I also make sure that I’m reading to them so they are hearing a wide variety of stories and language use. This has worked really well to build a great literary foundation and help my kids move into simple chapter books.


What are your favorite books for early readers?

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