Reading bedtime stories is part of the nightly routine at our house. It’s something we started doing when our oldest (now 6) was just a baby. So, we’ve read many a bedtime story now to our 3 boys. We have many favorites as there are so many wonderful books out there. And, we are always discovering more great books to read!

So, I’ve rounded up 10 great bedtime book options for you to check out for your little one. Some are classics (that we’ve read SO many times) and some are new ones that I think we need to add to our collection! You can click each link to learn more and/or purchase! 10 Bedtime Books for Little Ones

Bedtime Books:

Do you have any of those books? The classic “Goodnight Moon” is one we’ve read SO many times. Truth be told, I hated it the first time we read it. And, then Big Brother kept picking it – over and over. So, now, I think we all might have it memorized! 😉 We don’t have “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site”, but I think it may be one the boys have to have!

What are YOUR favorite bedtime books?

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