I can’t believe it has already happened! My oldest is entering Kindergarten this year. I will finally have a child in school full time! AHH! Part of me is excited for the freedom and part of me is already going to miss our afternoons together while the other two nap.

Since this is our first experience with school I have been geating lots of advice and tips on the essentials that I need to set my son up for success (and frankly me too ;). So here are my top five school essentials for the elementary school kid.

  1. Backpack – let’s be honest this is a basic need for any school age kid. Keep it fun but remember this thing is going to take a licking (especially if you have a boy!) so buy for quality and longevity. We purchased a backpack 3 years ago, and it’s STILL going strong. Plus, they have great personalization available to make finding your child’s backpack easier. This Lassig backpack below also is great quality, and I love that it’s gender neutral. image
  2. Lunch Box – along with a backpack your child will most likely need a lunch tote or cooler box. Sometimes you can find matching sets with the backpack which can be helpful for a teacher to know who’s it goes with. I personally like to make sure whatever I use is insulated and has some kind of mesh pocket inside to hold an ice pack or napkins and silverware. This one below from L.L. Bean is perfect for my Dino loving boys. It also comes in an array of prints and styles. image
  3. Food Containers – I am a huge fan of reusable containers and U-Konserve and Kid Konserve is by far my favorite. Their food wraps are perfect for all sorts of snacks and when opened, act as a plate. They also have stainless steel and glass containers with removable dividers.image image
  4. Personalized Labels and tags –  Although I try to teach my son to keep track of his stuff let’s be honest things will get lost. So it’s always a good idea to label EVERYTHING! From their backpacks to lunch boxes to water bottles and shoes. Even their most used sweaters and jackets should get iron on labels. Name Bubbles has some great school starter kits to help with the process (and how cute is that Skip Hop Lunchie?).image
  5. On the go snacks – Having grab and go snacks to throw into your kids bag is a MUST. I personally love those Cliff bars with protein, as well as Organic Slammers. These pouches are like a smoothie on the go and are filled with all sorts of good-for-you ingredients that will keep your kid fueled up.image

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