BABYBJORN review lo resI love baby carriers! They are wonderful things that make my life that much easier as a mom. A trip to the grocery store with an infant and toddler? Baby wants to be held but I need to make dinner? Walking around the park and keeping an eye on your toddler while holding a sleeping infant? No problem when you have a baby carrier! My back and shoulders thank my baby carriers daily.

I recently took the  BABYBJORN Miracle Baby Carrier for a test drive and have enjoyed keeping Punkin close while having my hands free to deal with my active toddler. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really did love this carrier!


  • It’s comfortable! Definitely the most important factor in any carrier. As you can tell from the back this thing has structure and support. I wore it for almost five hours at the zoo and my back was just fine.
  • Easy to figure out. I pulled this carrier out of the box and was able to put it on and adjust it within five minutes. Once you have the straps adjusted for yourself and your baby taking it on and off becomes a snap, literally! I love how fast I can get my baby out of his car seat and into this carrier.
  • Adjustable for customized fit. Speaking of adjustibility this carrier can work with a baby from 8 to 26 lbs. and allows you to carry the baby high or low depending on your comfort level. There’s also no need for newborn inserts as it provides great head and neck support.
  • Machine washable. A definite MUST for all those times your baby will chew on the straps or spit up.


  • Since the BABYBJORN allows for forward facing the width of the panel between the baby’s legs is narrow so my son tended to hang rather than sit with his legs wrapped around my waist. This wasn’t a problem for me in the beginning but as my son gets longer I notice my legs bumping into his as I walk. It also requires me to pick up his legs and rotate them to a sitting position when I want to sit down which can sometimes wake him up if he’s sleeping.
  • It’s big and bulky. There’s really no way to wrap this up when not in use and I end up just throwing it on my car floor. There’s also no way it would fit into my diaper bag and it does take up a lot of space in the bottom bucket of my stroller. But that’s the trade off for the great support it gives I guess.

With a price point of around $150 it certainly isn’t cheap but the quality, safety and support is top notch.

What do you look for in a baby carrier? Have you tried the BABYBJORN?


I was given a BABYBJORN Miracle baby carrier for a non-biased review. All opinions are my own.

2 Responses to BABYBJORN Miracle Baby Carrier review

  1. Abigail Mae Prescott says:

    these products truly are excellent. They give comfort, security and additionally, they are great items to let you and your child stay physically close to each other. Check out the excellent sets of baby carriers at

  2. Katherine says:

    I really like the fact that they are super easy to setup and washable because after 2-3 days, you really feel the need to wash them.

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