Baby Travel Safety tips


So you’ve had your baby, and now you’re ready to hit the road. Not so fast! In honor of National Safety Month, we’re here to share our favorite baby travel safety tips. Don’t leave home without getting your gear in order and brushing up on these must-know baby basics to be fully prepared for life on the go with kids in two.

  1. How Young is Too Young?
    Most pediatricians recommend that parents wait until their baby’s immune system matures before embarking on any major expeditions. Limit their exposure in public until they are at least two months old. If you need to travel before that, it’s a good idea to wear your baby on your chest or use a stroller with a cover to prevent strangers from peeking in and introducing their germs to the little one.
  2. Travel Cribs
    The first time we traveled with our baby, we completely forgot about sleeping arrangements! We aren’t co-sleepers, so we wound up scrambling for a crib upon arrival. Travel cribs are ultra-light nowadays, making it incredibly convenient to pack up and provide a safe space for your baby to rest in unfamiliar territory.
  3. Car Seats
    If you’re reaching your destination by air travel, you’ll want to arrange for a car seat once you land. You can check with your airline if they allow you to book a seat for your infant to travel in their car seat. Otherwise, you’ll need to check your own (most checked baby items fly free – double-check with your airline) and hold your baby on your lap in the air. Many car rental companies offer car seats for rental, but their cleanliness can sometimes be questionable.
  4. Taking Breaks
    If you’re traveling by car, experts recommend that you stop and let your child stretch their legs (even if they’re not walking yet) every two or three hours. This is also a good chance for a diaper change and a snack. If you’re traveling by air, consider getting an aisle seat so you can get up and rock your baby to soothe him or her, and have easier access to the restroom for changes.
  5. First Aid
    Bring along any medications that your baby may need, including over the counter items in case of fever and sunscreen to prevent sun burn while out and about. Copy their birth certificate and insurance card and write out a medical authorization form to leave with anyone who may be helping take care of your child.

How do you keep your kids safe when you travel?

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