Having a baby shower is pretty much a no-brainer… I don’t think I know anyone who didn’t have some kind of baby shower celebration for their first pregnancy. But having a ‘sprinkle’ (a shower for your second or third pregnancy, as the kids call ’em these days) don’t seem to be as common. I never had one (frankly, nobody offered… my pregnancies were within a year of each other so I imagined it was like “Geez this JUST happened… not again, lady…”).

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At the time, I never thought twice about skipping a sprinkle for my second pregnancy.

But I’m here to encourage all moms reading this now: If you’re having a second, third (or fourth or beyond) baby, and no one’s offering a you a sprinkle, you might want to think about throwing one for yourself. Not for the purpose of requesting or getting gifts (you probably don’t need much if you’ve already had a baby), but for the mere celebration of it.

There’s no shame in calling a few close friends and/or family member over to your house for a ‘casual, fun get together’ for the heck of it. Here’s why:

1) With each child that comes into your world, you see less and less of your friends. (Sorry, it’s true. You know it, I know it. Hand raised guilty here.) Having one kid is like one, two is like ten, three is like a hundred… you know the drill. Use a sprinkle as an excuse to enjoy your friends’ company before you go into newborn hibernation mode again.

2) Chances are, you don’t dress up as much these days. (I don’t. Don’t let the name of my personal blog fool you — ‘FAB’ is shamefully turning out to mean ‘frumpy after baby’ more and more frequently…) Use and abuse the concept of having a sprinkle as an excuse to dress up, do your hair, put on makeup and remember how flat-out glam you can look if you’re obligated to dress up for a party that happens to be honoring YOU.

3) If you organize it, they will come. No one’s going to argue with a pregnant woman. If she says she wants to have a party, then a party will happen. Relish in this fact that you can do things your way, without interruption or dispute, this one time before your adorable new baby busts in and jacks up your authority all over again (just like all adorable babies tend to do).

Ok… so I could only come up with three legitimate reasons to inspire a sprinkle. But who needs that many excuses when you’re talking before-baby celebrations anyways?

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