It’s May and things are in bloom, and if you’re pregnant, you are probably already thinking about your baby shower. I was lucky enough to be showered a few weeks ago by the lovely family and friends in my life, and it was such a special day. But, truth be told, I didn’t even want a shower, and tried to convince my sisters and mom of my stance. I’m not sure if I felt like I didn’t need one, didn’t want to burden others or was just uncomfortable with the attention and gifts I would receive. Luckily, their love and will was stronger than my conviction, and they created the perfect day in my baby girl’s honor, for which I am extremely grateful.

Tips for a Perfect Baby Shower //

Through my failed attempt at nixing the shower, I was able to learn a lot from my three party-planning sisters about things to consider when planning a baby shower and wanted to share them with Right Start readers who have baby showers in the horizon, either as the honoree or as the host!

One thing that my older sister, who is a mother of two, was pretty adamant about was having my shower when I was between 30 and and 35 weeks. This is the ideal time because you have your darling baby bump, you’ll know the sex and you’ll still be able to move around.

You don’t want to have your baby shower too close to your due date and risk going into labor, especially if you are expecting multiples!!

Picking a venue can be a challenge, but it sets the tone for your shower. Living in a great city like San Francisco, the options are plenty: a sit down at a restaurant, potluck in the park, babies and a backyard BBQ, a co-ed shower at a bar and more. Try to find a place that feels true to your personality, and don’t worry about making sure it’s Pinterest perfect.

Tips for a Perfect Baby Shower for you //

Since I wanted it to be a family affair, my older sister opened up her home and served mimosas, crepes, salad and macaroons to guests. The best part of the shower was having babies around! I called all of the new mothers and invited their babies to attend. We had six guests under the age of 4 at the shower, and it made it so special for me to see the love of mothers and grandmothers for these children and made me eager to welcome my baby girl.

There were a few other things I learned about showers from my experience. Showers don’t need games any more. Doing something sentimental is much more enjoyable and long-lasting. Each guest wrote a card to my daughter for her to open on each birthday. Opening presents doesn’t have to be a long, dragged out process. You can have guests open a present, or you can do what I did and have your 2-year-old niece help open presents! It was so comical that we were all in stitches.

From this experience I was reminded that the joy my baby girl brings to others doesn’t start when she arrives- it started right when we announced we were pregnant, but I really felt it at the shower. In some ways, I was forced to realize that my life isn’t about me and my wishes; it’s about celebrating the bundle of joy that’s on her way. I guess my first lesson in motherhood is it’s not about me anymore, which is great thing!

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