Buying a baby shower gift is not always easy. You want the mom-to-be to like the gift, but do you buy practical items you know she will need or do you buy items that are so stinking cute?

The average number of items on a baby registry is 31. Unfortunately, I tend to wait until right before the baby shower to buy the gift and I am left with a bottle, diaper pail refills, forks and spoons or bibs.

I am not the type of person to settle for a gift card either, so I try to purchase items that make sense together. I like doing bath items like a hooded towel, a bath tub, wash clothes, shampoo and soap. I always feel as a new mom, you can never have too many bath items.



the_honest_company_baby_arrival_gift_setIf I don’t do bath, then my next go-to is a blanket. I like to buy a nicer quality blanket. Something that can be used and washed many times and not lose the quality.


What is your go-to baby shower gift?

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