April showers bring… May babies!

Remembering my own baby shower (a few years ago now), I made my sister promise to abide by one rule when she was so gracious to throw it: NO GAMES. Baby shower games were never my thing. I just never thought they were entertaining.

Until it was time to throw her a shower, that is. Let the games begin.

Here are three quick ideas for funny baby shower games that your guests just might get a bang out of:

Baby-In-An-Ice-Cube: You can get about a million of those cheap, tiny plastic “babies” from any crafts store or online novelty retailer. Get at least one for each guest. Freeze each one in an ice cube (using ice trays) so that your babes are now encapsulated in blocks of ice. Place one baby in each guests’ water or iced tea at the party (make a big ‘ta-da’ over it), and loudly announce: “Whoever’s baby is ‘born’ first…. WINS!” (No C-sections allowed, ladies.)


Who’s-Who? Match the baby with the babe: Gotta admit, I kinda ripped this royal game from the pages of People Magazine. Gather current and newborn pictures of the close women relatives and/or friends of the mom-to-be (including the mom-to-be)… Or, for celebrity-baby fans (like me), use pictures of stars and their babies. Mix ’em up and photocopy on one sheet of paper, distribute to guests. Whoever matches the most women with their baby pictures correctly (or, the celebrity moms with their blinged-out babies), wins.


Who’s got the dirty diaper? (This one’s my fave… by far. Maybe ’cause I made it up?) Get a pack of newborn sized-diapers (enough so that each guest has one). Before guest arrival, fill ONE diaper with chocolate candies (leaving all other diapers empty). Fasten one diaper under each guest’s chair. At some point during the shower, make an announcement for each guest to peek under their chair and open their diaper… whoever’s got the ‘surprise’ inside, wins! (Be sure to send the mom-to-be home with all those diapers!)




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