September is Baby Safety Month

baby safety

I am so amazed when I watch TV shows or commercials and see babies sleeping in a crib with blankets, pillows, bumpers or worse – sleeping on their stomach!

Sure, when I was little – way back in the day – things were different. I rode in a car without a car seat (they didn’t even exist back then!). As a baby, I slept in a crib with blankets, pillows and toys. Fast forward to today and these scenarios would be unthinkable. Now we know so much more and have the knowledge to keep our children safe!

Baby safety experts will always tell you that newborns should be placed on their backs with nothing else in the crib. Swaddles are a popular option for newborns, though once baby’s motor skills begin to develop it won’t be long before he or she starts to unravel out of the swaddle in the middle of the night. Modern wearable blankets and sleeping bags have been designed to keep babies safely comfortable without them being able to take it off.

That’s why Right Start offers so many choices!

Each baby is different and we know you’re sure to find the perfect way to keep baby safe and sound while in the crib with our vast assortment of swaddles, wearable blankets and sleeping bags.

aden + anais

baby safety

One of our most popular brands, aden + anais, makes swaddles and sleeping bags in four different fabrics: muslin, bamboo, organic and cozy (the cozy has four layers vs. three layers). And they all come in fabulous patterns!


baby safety

We also carry a huge selection of HALO sleep items. You probably know HALO for their most popular item, the SleepSack – and they even make a SleepSack swaddle! Plus we have new HALO patterns in the following fabrics: cotton, micro-fleece, cotton cable sweater and plushy dot velboa.

ERGObaby & Nested Bean

Both the ERGObaby Sleep Tight Swaddler and the Nested Bean Zen Swaddle are brand new to Right Start!

baby safety

We’ve carried ERGObaby baby carriers for quite some time now, so we know all about their dependable quality. And we’re excited to offer their brand new constructed swaddle! This swaddle ensures baby’s safety and features a healthy hip positioner in accordance with the standards of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Nested Bean is another swaddle we’re thrilled to add to our assortment. What we love about these swaddles is that they capture the self-soothing qualities of a mother’s embrace. By mimicking mom’s touch, the Zen Swaddle has been “proven to stabilize heart rates and reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels in pre-term babies, thus boosting their immune system.”

baby safety

How do you keep your baby safe in the crib? Share your tips in the comments!

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