Have any of the viral respiratory germs hit your house yet this winter? My facebook feed seems like an infirmary with status updates of a whole lot of yucky sounding stuff. And, unfortunately, we’ve joined the ranks (typed as I cough–good thing the screen blocks the germs 😉 ). Everyone has had sniffles, stuffiness, and now coughs. Even the baby has had his first case of the nose & throat ick. So, in this season of germs, here are some items you want to have around: Cold & Flu products1. First up, you want to keep things clean! I like using the cleaning wipes (just because they’re so handy). They’re perfect for trying to prevent the germ spread around the house!

2. Also, to help prevent little ones being exposed to extra germs in the first place, a grocery cart cover is a must. The shopping carts are SO dirty and with babies that put everything in their mouth, the cart cover can be a good first-line of defense!

3. With heaters and furnaces drying out the air this time of year, running a humidifier can be really beneficial even before anyone gets sick. But, certainly, once anyone does get sick, running a humidifier is a great thing to do.

4. Since babies seem to have more trouble clearing their airways, using a nasal aspirator is sometimes a must! If you didn’t save the one from the hospital, then there are other nasal aspirator options out there to choose from. We’ve been using ours (deemed the “sucker ball”) WAY too much lately!

5. For babies and older kids with a runny nose, boogie wipes are really nice to have around too! Honestly I thought they were ridiculous when I first saw them, but they really do seem to wipe the “nose crusties” away better than any other thing we’ve tried.

6. Investing in a good thermometer is important too. When you’re dealing with a sick little one, keeping track of fevers is important. It will be one of the first questions the doctor will ask if you need to go in! And, of course, if it gets too high, that presents a whole additional set of concerns.

7. And, last but certainly not least, you’ll need lots of patience for all the fussiness. Be ready & equipped for lots of downtime & snuggles! 😉

What are YOUR must-haves during cold & flu season?

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  1. Catherine says:

    I haven’t tried boogie wipes before. I can see how they would help, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to buy them because it’s seems a little over the top.

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