It’s amazing how many important milestones occur in the first year of life! First bath, first smiles, sitting up, crawling, walking. So many fun moments! Of the motor skills development skills, the first major milestone is rolling over. For each of our boys, that moment occurred sometime between 3 1/2 & 4 1/2 months. One of my favorite things to do with that milestone is capture the moment on camera! With my little guys, they’ve usually had numerous unsuccessful attempts before finally making it all the way over. So, in the midst of their attempts, I would have the camera ready. This time, I was thankful for having my phone handy! Rolling Over MilestoneI LOVE seeing the progression shots! If you like to scrapbook, it makes for a really fun layout!

Rolling over might not be the developmental milestone that gets a lot of attention, but it’s an important one. It really signals the start of some major motor skill development and then things get “crazy” from there. Better get ready to baby proof! Soon, they’re able to roll all over the place, not to mention the sitting up, crawling, & cruising!

Thankfully, our little guy hasn’t been too crazy with hitting all these other motor milestones super fast! At #3, we’re thinking that he is likely our last. So, I’m embracing the baby stage for as long as possible. And, right now, he seems content with just his rolling skills as well!

Do you take pictures/document the rolling over milestone?

3 Responses to Baby Milestones: Rolling Over

  1. Nice! I remember being able to capture a short video when my first son rolled over. Such a great memory, and I agree – such an important milestone!

  2. I love the sequence of action shots.

  3. jillsimonian says:

    Your action shots are incredible! As for ’embracing the baby stage’… I’m right there with you right now. My baby (most likely our last) is standing and almost walking… and I feel like crying! I’d better start taking action shots like you!

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