A recent trip to the zoo solo with three kids. Only possible with my City Select.

A recent trip to the zoo solo with three kids. Only possible with my City Select.

It’s been almost a year since I reviewed my Baby Jogger City Select stroller (see review here) so I thought it would be a good idea to revisit my initial thoughts to see how this stroller has held up. Let me start by saying that I STILL love this stroller. My expectations were high and the City Select did not disappoint.

This stroller is used daily and except for one issue with the basket it has held up extremely well. I am often stopped while out with the kids and asked about my stroller. It’s gotten to the point where I give out my business card and tell them to search for the review. I’ve probably sold so many moms on this stroller I should be one of their sales reps. 😉

Here are some of my favorite parts of the stroller.

TIRES – it comes with forever air tires. This is what makes the stroller so heavy but also allows for amazing maneuverability. Plus I never have to worry about getting a flat or a bumpy ride. It glides so well I call it my Cadillac.

HAND BRAKE – Speaking of gliding, I mentioned this in my previous post but I cannot tell you how important the hand brake has been. I live in Southern California where we wear sandals A LOT. Who wants to toe wrestle a foot brake every time you move your stroller? I have shown many a nursery worker this hand brake when I leave the sleeping baby in the stroller at church and they all have the same reaction, “BRILLIANT! Why don’t they all come with this!?” My thoughts exactly.

PARENT TRAY – what makes this tray different from others is the Velcro pouches. I can store, and often do, my keys and iPhone in them without worrying that some passerby will see it and grab it while my attention is on my kids.

QUICK FOLD & SECURE LATCH – this stroller folds easy and securely. The latch is key in keeping it folded, making  maneuvering this stroller into my car much easier. Although I have to pop the seats on every time, I’ve gotten it down to a science so it’s still pretty fast.

SEATING – I thought this may be a drawback since most seating configurations require removal of both seats to fold up the stroller. Yet I actually have come to appreciate this feature. I like to change up my seating depending on where I am going and how my kids are feeling that day. Some days I like to look at both kids and face them to me. Some places I know my oldest will want to pop in and out of the stroller quickly so I face him out and the baby in. The baby just turned one and finds his brother very entertaining so if I need a good distraction in the store I will face them towards each other. What could have been a drawback I have found to be the most personalized feature available. I choose exactly how I want my stroller and what works best for that day.

STORAGE – I like to be prepared and with kids that tends to mean a lot of stuff! The City Select’s basket is HUGE and can hold not only my diaper bag but lunch boxes, shopping bags, shoes, groceries, extra blankets and whatever else you can think of with room to spare. Granted if you have the front seat rear facing it does cut into the storage capacity but there is still plenty of room for a diaper bag and then some.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – As I mentioned above, the only problem I have ever had with my stroller was the wire frame in the basket which punched a hole in the fabric. One email to customer service was all it took for them to ship me a brand new basket free of charge! If you are going to spend as much as I did on a stroller,  having stellar customer service is a must, even if you never have to use it. 🙂

Overall I would still highly recommend this stroller and I do!

What features have you found to be essential in a stroller?





3 Responses to Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller review: one year later

  1. Zosimos Ubol says:

    Glad to see you review this again. Baby Jogger City Select double stroller can make me to be hard to get up and down curbs when children grow up. But it’s a minor problem for me.

  2. Chrissy says:

    How old are your kids pictured? I have a 3yr old and a newborn arriving in June. Trying to figure out if its worth it for the 3yr old… Will he be too long for it, will he use it to warrant buying a double stroller, etc.

  3. […] it to last through multiple kids, sometimes it pays to get the pricier higher quality item. The My City Select Stroller was an item I WISHED I had put on my first registry. It has stood up to much abuse from my two boys, […]

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