Holiday travel alert: IT’S HERE. (Duh.) Many of you may already know I’ve been a longtime believer in NOT traveling on airplanes with babies. I can’t help it: I just don’t wanna. I don’t want to deal with diaper-changes in the air, I don’t want to deal with bottle-feedings and baby food while boarding, and I DEFINITELY don’t want to deal with holding up security as I fold down my humongous double-stroller. I. JUST. DON’T. WANNA. I also believe it’s more fun to focus on more fabulous facets of the holiday season (rather than travel). And thanks to the close proximity of both sides of our families, I’ve been able to get away with this stubborn ‘no-airplanes’ philosophy… until now.

My husband recently trapped me into abandoning my no-traveling-with-babies-on-airplanes rule so that we could visit close friends in Arizona via a one-hour plane ride. “Are you trying to turn me into a hypocrite?” I demanded. “YES,” he smirked. And he did. But I wasn’t going down without a fight. “I’m not taking strollers” I asserted. The two of us could handle it. It’d be one-for-one… Hubby’d take care of my toddler (who’s a great walker), I’d carry the baby. Done. Fabulous. It’s only a one-hour flight, we’re traveling out of a smaller airport in our area… no prob. We can do this.

And we did. But my ‘no stroller’ method did turn heads. Like, all the heads in the airport that day. Or, I should say, night. Yeah, I kinda didn’t plan that my girls would fall asleep on the plane and remain asleep when we landed. Whoops. Cut to Hubby and me carrying TWO sleeping babies through the airport WHILE gathering two huge suitcases of luggage. Not to mention, I forgot how much you must WALK through an airport to get your baggage, to exit though the wrong doors, to backtrack to the correct exit, to hustle and navigate through ground transportation, to get on the shuttle to the car rental place, to stand in line at the car rental place, to actually retrieve your car rental and on and on. Airports – even the small ones – are BIG! Yeah, that stroller would’ve come in handy right about then. Whoops again.

But we made it work… even with all the stares, snickering, double-takes and confused expressions from fellow travelers whizzing by us. “Why don’t they just use a stroller?” they questioned with their eyes. Because this mom thought she’d spare herself the trouble of hassling, folding it up and stowing it for just a one-hour flight. (Dumb.) At least we made a statement.

Happy Thanksgiving – and traveling – to you! But do tell…




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  1. The biggest issue we’ve had is me remembering every. single. thing. for everyone else and forgetting silly things like pajamas or a toothbrush for myself. So far most of our travel has been pretty smooth, but we haven’t had to travel with two kids yet. Things are bound to get more interesting.

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