Attention! I officially have a fabulous new best friend. I think of him as my new baby. He’s cuddly. He always smiles. He is quiet. His name? Hop-Hop.

Hop-Hop has been living at our house for about a year now thanks to Grandpa (my dad). But for some reason, my toddler recently rediscovered him on her toy bench. It’s as though she plucked him from a stuffed animal casting call to be her new best friend and gave him a fresh name to go with his revived image. “Hop-Hop?” she asks when it’s time to eat. Ah yes, Hop-Hop can eat with us. I put him on the table and he gently stares at all of us. “Hop-Hop?” she inquires when it’s time to get in the car. Bring him along… he likes to look out the window. “Hop-Hop?” she begs when bathtime rolls around. Hmm. She threw him in the tub once (yuck) only to realize that his fur wasn’t so comforting after he emerged dripping wet. I’ve even woken up next to him in our bed on a recent family vacation. Hop-Hop has become a major part of our family (even though we often leave him in the car to ‘keep watch’ when we run our errands or go out to eat).

I’m shocked and appalled to report that I’VE started to care about Hop-Hop… a lot. You see, as the current best buddy of a nearly-two year old toddler, Hop-Hop has endured some challenging times. He’s been crumpled up, squished and sat on at the tiny hands of my little giggling girl. He’s been tossed in the garden and remained there overnight. He’s accidentally been run over by our stroller (that was my fault). When I see him laying on the ground, tired, dirty, semi-abused…. my heart goes out to him. “Take care of Hop-Hop!” I scoop him up and tell my little girl. “He’s your friend. He loves you.” She looks at him, smiles, hugs him and says “Hop-Hop! So Sweet!” My heart melts. I sometimes think about the day when Hop-Hop won’t be the ‘It-Toy’ at our house and get a little sad. I’ve even gotten sneaky and gone out of my way to take care of him.

I know, I know. I’ve lost it. I’ve been brainwashed by my toddler’s attachment shenanigans. I actually want to bring Hop-Hop along with us sometimes and miss him when he’s not around! The mommy in me looks at the little bunny as a symbol of how precious these toddler years are (mini-meltdowns and all). I just might keep him after my little one is done with him.


4 Responses to And now I’m attached to a bunny.

  1. Jill I would like to confess that when My 3.5 year old leaves one of her “blankies” in my bed I conveniently forget to return them. They are Aden+Anais blankets, but they smell like my baby girl. Wow I sound like a crazy lady.

  2. jillsimonian says:

    Haha! NOOOOO you are NOT crazy!

  3. KateW says:

    So cute! I am going to admit something. Yesterday we recieved a very large vintage style Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear from a Disney swag bag. It’s so soft and cuddly I didn’t give it to my Little Man but instead SLEPT WITH IT LAST NIGHT MYSELF. I am SUCH a mom! Haha! What can I say, when you have a hectic day cuddling up next to a stuffed animal does sometimes make it all better. I think I can relate to my son a lot more now. 😉

  4. […] so excited to meet the Easter Bunny!” squealed over and over by my toddler). We even took our own beloved Hop-Hop so that we could properly introduce him to his cousin Mr. Easter […]

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