An honest review of The Honest CompanyDiapers, wipes, blow outs and diaper rash. These are all things that were not part of my vocabulary three years ago. Yet in the last three years I’ve done loads of research, used cloth (and washed it myself!), switched disposable brands multiple times and wiped up more poop than I could have ever imagined (sometimes from the walls and floors). And now that I am wiping TWO butts the time spent at my diaper changing station is sometimes more than I can bear. So you could call me an expert of sorts when it comes to diapering.

That being said, when I was approached by The Honest Company to try their eco-friendly diapering products I was hesitant (after all I had already done all the research and found what worked for us!). I knew these diapers were plant-based, nontoxic, and adorable; but how well would they hold up to my kids’ poop explosions or overnight use? And equally important, how expensive were these eco-focused, alternative products?

When it comes to diapering products, I look for three things in this order: Effectiveness, Cost & Ease. I was able to not only test out The Honest Company’s diapers, but also their wipes and healing balm.


I originally ordered size 2 & 4 for my five-month-old and three-year-old. This is the size I use in Huggies and I figured all sizes are pretty universal. Upon trying them on the boys for the first time, they seemed a bit more snug than my usual brand but they fit so I didn’t worry about it. Within the first few days I had one leak through in the size 2 and my three-year-old started getting a heat rash in his waistline. After I glanced at The Honest Company’s sizing chart, I saw my boys were on the high end of the weight limit for the sizes I had ordered.  I quickly realized that both boys needed the next size up; they were just TOO snug once they became soiled. I am happy to say I have been using the size 3 & 5 and have NO issues with leaking (even overnight!), poo explosions or rashes.

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Let’s talk about diaper rash for a minute. My sons always seem to get some redness after wiping, probably because the wipes I have been using have soap in them. It gets worse when my three-year-old poops five times a day. The constant wiping irritates it more and pretty soon he has a wicked diaper rash (which happened right as I received these products!). I go through so much Desitin that I started buying in bulk at Costco. The Honest Wipes have “NO parabens, chlorine, phenols, or risky chemicals” and are “Biodegradable, Hypoallergenic, Chlorine-Free, and made from Medical Grade Cloth“. The more I used these the more I loved them. When he got that wicked diaper rash I started using their healing balm and wipes and within one day it was gone. Now the healing balm did have a strange consistency with these little beads of wax in it, which threw me for a loop. But the company explained it:

“The granules you are noticing in your particular tube are absolutely safe and natural. It’s the beeswax solidifying due to temperature variances. We’ve found that given the time of year and the high heats that the product can be exposed to during transit and storage, it sometimes has the effect of creating tiny beeswax granules in the constantly fluctuating temperatures. However, we are looking at revising how we heat and cool the balm during filling so that we can avoid this during the summer months and ensure a smooth balm year round!”

Most importantly, the beads didn’t bother my son. Overall I found each of the products to be VERY effective and performed better than some of the other commercial brands I have tried in the past.

Here is where I expected The Honest Company not to be able to match the prices I was used to paying. After all with how clean they have made their products it MUST cost more, right!? Surprisingly, not really! Granted their Healing Balm does cost more than a tube of Desitin but it ends up being a lot more effective than other commercial brands. I also did the math (based on size 2) and I was paying on average about $0.23/diaper and that was not figuring in the wipes. If you order a pack of 48 diapers it costs $0.29/diaper, not that much more for a nontoxic, plant-based and biodegradable alternative. If you go a step further and purchase the monthly Diaper and Wipes Bundle from The Honest Company, you end up paying $0.31/diaper including 4-packs (280 wipes) of wipes. But if you deduct the cost of the wipes from their $79.95/month price the cost per diaper drops down to $0.23!

IMG_5669 lo res
I know a lot of people are very passionate about their baby products being chemical-free and nontoxic but I have to tell you THIS is what sold me on their diapers. The fact that they can create clean eco-friendly products that I know are effective and safe for my baby and do it for a comparable price point? SIGN ME UP!

The only critique I had was how the wipes are packaged. They are only sold in packs of 70, which is great for on the go diapering but it would be nice to get a tub I can refill that pops up a single wipe after each one is pulled. Sometimes I can’t quite separate a wipe from the disposable pouch. For now I just put them in an old Huggies tub.

Although I started out hesitant, this review has convinced me to switch brands. Especially after reading what’s inside conventional disposable diapers. Looks like the research never stops when you have kids. 😉

What’s most important to you in choosing diapering products?

Happy Punkin

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