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With candy and sugary treats everywhere throughout the month of October, it can be a little tricky to get kids to stick to their normal healthy eating routine. Shaking things up with a cute, themed snack gets them excited about good food. Here’s an easy suggestion for a healthy Halloween snack that kids of all ages will love! “Boo Eggs,” as we call them, have been a favorite around my house for years. All you need is some hard-boiled eggs and a frosting pen for a quick snack that’s a hit for after school, or even for Halloween parties.

healthy halloween eggs

Boil and peel eggs. Let dry for about ten minutes so that your frosting pen will draw well along the surface of the egg.

how to make halloween boo eggs

Cut a jagged edge along the bottom of each egg so that they will stand on their own.

boo eggs

Draw ghost faces onto the eggs using the frosting pen. Older kids may want to get involved in this process with different colored pens. They can make dracula ghost eggs, Frankenstein ghost eggs and more! This can also be a fun idea around Easter fo ready-to-eat pre-peeled egg snacks.

boo eggs

Serve. Add some fake spiders or other seasonal décor around your Halloween table to really set a festive mood.

I use FoodWriter pens all the time to spruce up snacks. Another easy way to make snacktime more fun is by using cookie cutters to cut sandwiches or decorating fruit, rice and more with fruit leather pieces cut into cute shapes. Kids enjoy eating healthy when it’s fun, and they start looking forward to surprises at snacktime!

Do you have any healthy Halloween snacks you like to serve, or other clever ways to get kids to eat well?

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  1. Catherine says:

    I love this! I mean I really love this. I’m tempted to make some for me.

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