Not sure about you but as the holidays approach the amount of drawings and coloring pages I receive every time I pick Little Man up from the nursery is multiplying. And let’s face it my child does about three crayon lines on a piece of paper and is done. So what’s a mother to do? I decided to create a craft that would allow us to showcase his “art” for a week and then toss it when the new “art” arrived. Since he loves airplanes we went with an airplane theme.

Airplane Magnet Art Clip

Supplies (for 2 art clips)

  • 3-4 Tongue Depressors
  • 2 Clothespins
  • Washable paint (2 colors)
  • Magnets
  • Glue

Step One – Paint the clothespins and tongue depressors. I choose to make ours orange and green. Little Man really loved the painting portion part of this but again it took two coats since this was washable paint.

Step Two – Once dry I penciled (eyeballed) the below lines to create the tail and fin. I used a ruler to ensure the lines were straight and cut the wood with a sharp sewing scissors. One depressor will create enough for two airplanes. I painted an extra tongue depressor just in case I messed up or split the wood in the cutting process.

Step Three – Once all the parts are created you can begin glueing them together. I started out using a hot glue gun but that didn’t hold well. I switched to tacky glue and that has held up surprisingly well, including when my toddler has flown it around the house.

Step Four – Place the airplane on your fridge and hang up your childs favorite art work!

What have you done with all your childs artwork? I’m sure this solution won’t last me forever. ; )



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2 Responses to Airplane magnet art clip craft for toddlers

  1. Cute idea, and it is totally a craft little hands can help with.

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