baby in shark mouth

It started rather innocuously at the aquarium. My best friend thought it would be funny for my two-week-old baby to pose in a shark mouth. This picture still makes me giggle. It got posted to Facebook and received a jillion thumbs-ups from the rest of our weirdo friends and their collective social media buddies.

I recall how delicately we placed the little guy in the level platform of that agape jaw. She hopped back as I snapped a cell phone picture, theme park employees rolling their eyes at the twenty-somethings goofing around with their tender infant. This is one of the upsides of having kids young: we never take things too seriously. While I don’t actually put my kids in danger, these silly antics became a source of entertainment as our ever-growing family made my typical adventures slow to a tamer pace.

And so began the highly-documented  experiences of danger baby.

driving baby

Danger baby lived on the edge. My family started one-upping each other to see who could get the best little boy snapshot. Where would danger baby be photographed next? Skydiving?  Rollerblading? Balancing in his uncle’s new snowboarding boots? Lack of sleep admittedly makes parents pretty slap-happy. Two-and-a-half years later, though, I still think it’s downright hilarious to see danger baby driving a car.

stroller in the road

Danger baby always had a need for speed. As Stroller Speed Racer he took to open streets (that were safely blocked off, mind you) and started scooting along sidewalks under his superhero doppelganger The Cement Crawler. Danger baby was known for being something of a lone ranger, never seeming to need assistance with his epic undertakings as the familiar paparazzi documented his every move.

toddler in refrigerator

Danger baby eventually morphed into Treacherous Toddler, with little mind for limitations. Most would say this kid makes a strong case for fearless parenting, as he tackles most of life’s obstacles with the tenacity of a Tasmanian devil. The downside? Like many toddler parents, we’ve learned that we can never, ever take our eyes off him…lest he think he can actually fly.

Have you ever created a family photo meme? Perhaps a series of epically miserable holiday pictures or a tradition of taking bad school portraits?

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