Within the space of last year we bought a new-to-us home, had a beautiful baby girl, my husband starting working from home, and our oldest daughter started kindergarten. It was a bit of a big life change kind of year, but it wasn’t too overwhelming because all of these changes sort of happened together and that almost made it easier to handle. The birth of Delaney and my husband working from home actually happened within about a week of each other. Over the past year we’ve all grown so accustomed to living in the new house with Dad working in his office in the basement while big sister is at school full-time. Then my husband accepted a new position with a new company. We’ve quickly had to figure out what our new days look like. A changed schedule with new routines. After all Daddy working from an office outside of the house looks a lot different from daddy working in an office from the basement.

adjusting to life changes

While this is very exciting, the changes it mean for us as a family were a little overwhelming for me. So Luke and I had some planning sessions and made some changes to our routine before Luke started his job to make things a little smoother for us all. Here’s what we did:

We changed up our mornings. Luke and I are both getting up earlier in the morning giving us both more time to get everyone ready with less rushing and stress.

We made changes to our workout routines. Namely I’ll be running on a treadmill at home and Luke is working out twice each weekend to ease the weekday schedule.

We cut things out- for now. We put a hold on afterschool activities for the month of November to give us all a chance to adjust. Taking pressure off me was key to this choice.

We firmed up our weekly menu plan. I’ve always been a menu planner but for the forseeable future we’ve assigned themes to each day of the week to make menu planning and cooking easier and faster.

Lastly, we kept some things exactly the same. We’re still eating dinner at the same time as before I’m just cooking on my own and putting dinner on the table as Luke walks in the door. How June Cleaver, right? Doing this means our nights as a family still flow the same. Luke is still taking Madeline to school every day. It’s time together they both really appreciate and it lets Delaney and I continue our regular morning routine. Plus, Delaney really likes waving bye-bye right now.

We’re two weeks into our new normal and so far things have been great. We’re staying on top of things and we’re adjusting well. I’m so glad we took the time ahead of time to figure out a few tweaks to keep life running smoothly.

What are your tricks for helping your life run as smoothly as possible?

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