This was my first year at ABC Kids Expo, the biggest exhibitor display of juvenile products in the entire world. It featured 3,000 booths and almost 1 million square feet of everything worth seeing in the world of baby and toddlerhood! Here are my five favorite picks from the show. Essential Baby Box Diaper Wallet is an Australian company that’s breathing fresh life into the world of on-the-go baby products. Their inventive line features modular snack packs, bottles with integrated formula compartments, a travel bib that folds into itself, mesh feeders and more. My favorite item from their selection was the aptly-named baby box. Touted as “the essential nappy wallet,” this foldable storage box has enough space for mom to fit some refillable wipes, a couple diapers and a changing mat. It’s everything you need for a trip to the grocery store – just toss it in your purse and go!


I rushed by the SaddleBaby booth twice before stopping to look up. “Is that a toddler on your head?!” The outdoorsy-looking inventor had been standing proudly all day with a dummy child strapped into a bright orange contraption wrapped around his shoulders. This dad-developed product was borne as all the best products are: out of necessity, when he got tired of toting his kid around on walks. The SaddleBaby is a hands-free shoulder carrier, brand new to the market, that lets parents tote toddlers and preschoolers up to 50 pounds.

Born Free Grow With Me Cups

I’ve long been a fan of Born Free’s BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free bottles and training cups, so I was happy to see that their newest Grow With Me Line features the same level of eco-consciousness in a big kid cup. These sippies are internally-threaded so parents can easily swap out lids based on their child’s development level, stack the cups when not in use and transition directly to a smooth drinking cup for older children.

Quinny Yezz

It’s a stroller. It’s a backpack. It’s a backpack stroller! The new Quinny Yezz stroller is a “Yes” in our books, transitioning from a backpack-size tote to a small stroller in less than ten seconds.

Munchkin Tablet Organizer


Munchkin has a reputation for merging technology with childhood-friendly features, and their newest car organizer doesn’t disappoint. With a removable tablet-holder strapped to the headrest, this is one of the sleekest storage spaces we’ve seen.

What are your favorite kids’ products right now?

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  1. Sheila says:

    Hi Chelsea, would you be able to post photos of the lid for the Born Free ‘grow with me’ cups? I haven’t been able to see one in person and would like to know how the drinking spout looks like and works before buying a bunch online. Does it clean easily? Leak-proof mechanisms can sometimes be tough to clean thoroughly.

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