WARNING: What you’re about to read will seem like a lie. It’s not. I promise. I know because I just lived it (and am still recovering, frankly). Last week I wrote about how toughing-it-out has perks for the long run, but I will be the first to admit that what I recount in the paragraphs below is just plain stupid judgment. I can now inform (and encourage) my last week’s self to have a tad bit more sense when it comes to the delicate “balance” of motherhood life. As a stay-at-home / work-at-home / sometimes-work-away-from-home mom, my day-to-day changes by the minute. Some days are perfectly calm and leisurely, with a walk to our local park swings, popsicles on the porch and Tinkerbell marathons. Ahh, those days are nice.

Leisurely ladies.

Leisurely ladies.

Last week did provide one of those days, but it’s not the one I’m gonna tell you about.

As I mentioned my stay-at-home / work-at-home / sometimes-work-away-from-home situation as a freelance TV personality (and writer, considering this weekly blog)… I will define what exactly that means: I DON’T SAY NO TO WORK… EVER. Even if a given 24-hour period consists of attending a launch party for a new TV show (for networking), a middle-of-the-night live television hit to the UK (for money) and an all-day shoot/appearance for a national TV show the following day (for PR, branding purposes and money). All good things that I’m *so grateful* for are still coming my way, but of course there was the obligatory showering, makeup-doing, picking up food off the kitchen floor AGAIN (video here), trash-dumping, referree-ing about who-gets-to-play-with-Ubooly (and every other toy), laundry-doing and I can’t even remember what else clearly in-between. Oh yeah, I sliced my finger open with a knife. A safety knife, if you can believe it.

I’ll lay out a 24-hour period from last week for you… I’ll start with Monday night:

7pm: Live Well Network’s Live Big with Ali Vincent launch party begins (about an hour across town). Which meant: I did my hair/makeup in my kitchen the hour prior (as I sometimes must do) while my girls watched Sleeping Beauty and I heated up dinner. I think I served them spaghetti that night (oh yes it was, I remember that video I already mentioned above). I didn’t bother to eat (no time, and I was heading to the party presumably with food, anyways). My in-laws came to watch the girls… I was out the door! 8pm-ish: At party. Not much food. Starving. (But smiling, chatting, talking, networking… it was fun.) 9:30ish: Left party to go back home and sleep… for 2 hours until I had to wake back up at 11pm and drive back across town to do a live satellite appearance for the UK’s popular morning show (explained here). At least my hair and makeup were already done. 2am-ish  (now Tuesday morning): Back home after my top o’ the mornin’ appearance across the pond. Wash makeup off. In bed. Sleep until… 8am-ish: Girls awake! Upsy-daisy, outta the cribs, change diapers, make coffee, do breakfast. 8:30am: Babysitter arrives, I go back into my bathroom (my dirty bathroom) and quickly do the hair/makeup thing all over again. 9am: Outta the house! 9:30am: Arrive on-set (got my script, pre-taped a mini-segment to air inside the actual segment… of me installing an actual smoke alarm to promote home safety). Wondering if I remembered to tell my sitter that my little one no longer takes her morning nap. Around 10:30am: Sliced my finger open (on set, in rehearsal) while trying to demonstrate a safety knife. Blood, First-Aid, crew members playfully razzing me (and rightfully so). (Thank goodness it wasn’t a really serious cut, but it was pretty deep.) Noon: Lunch. 1-3pm: Shoot the actual show (perky! personality! putting sentences together in a hopefully-this-makes-sense-kind-of-way!) 4pm: Back home… to a home that looked like WWIII just happened there. EXHAUSTED. Mommy! Mommy! Time for dinner!  

I'm not a baby, but this HURT.

I’m not a baby, but this HURT.

I’m still a proponent for toughing things out, but this 24-hours was waaaay over my head. What a stupid move on my part. Earth to Jill: I’m not 21 anymore. We’ve all been there one way or another… regardless of what we do, where we live, how many mouths we have to feed. There are days when even the most sane, calm, zen and level-headed of us bite off more than we can chew, even if there’s a little voice saying Maybe you shouldn’t be doing this right now. I LEARNED A BIG LESSON THIS DAY: Trying to do too much is downright dangerous… it might even chop your finger off. And that’s not good when you need to play patty-cake.






2 Responses to A walk in my shoes… (Don’t try this at home.)

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh man, Jill, that is quite a day. I’m in awe of your ability to keep all those balls up in the air.

  2. Oh man I recall those days back in PR but that was before kids! UGG! I can’t imagine doing it with kids now.

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