When I first moved to San Diego, one of the places I heard was a must-see was the San Diego Fair. Locals had stories of deep fat fried Oreo cookies and pig races that were hard to resist. Our first visit to the fair offered a visual adventure everywhere we turned and since then it’s been a yearly tradition.

I love stepping away from technology for the day and enjoying activities that mimic old time fair classics – which probably explains why my kids talked me into letting them win, not one, but THREE fish at the fair. Yea. I’m probably going to regret that one later.

Personally, I can’t resist anything that comes with foot high Mexican funnel cakes.


For a baby, the sights, sounds, and smells of the fair make it a memorizing experience. My little one enjoyed everything the fair had to offer from the comfort of her stroller and made it perfectly clear to all of us with her squeals that she was having an amazing time.

Everything is more fun at the fair . . . especially when things are larger than life, like the giant game of chess my kids played.

San Diego Fair

Even the baby had to join in on the fun.

fair2There’s plenty of brightly colored things to look at — which means lots of photo opportunities for mom.

San Diego Fair

And when you want to get out and stretch your legs a bit, it’s always nice to have a big brother to look out for you.


Especially when there are giants nearby.


At the end of the day, the fair had made one baby girl very happy. . . even if her stroller was covered in pieces of funnel cake.


What is your favorite summertime stroller adventure? 

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  1. Holy moly, Rachel that’s the biggest funnel cake I’ve ever seen. We haven’t been tho the fair in a while I think I should put it on our to do list for this summer.

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