Valentine’s Day is for sweethearts and kids. (Duh.) But for some reason, I’ve found that babies don’t really seem to fit into the whole equation. They’re too little to actually make valentines, you can’t give them chocolate and if you’re new parents with a baby (or, babies) then you’re most likely too tired to cook up some sexy rendezvous of an evening (or you might just be flat-out stuck without a babysitter).

So, new moms: I’ve got a few DARES for you, for your babies, and for your sweethearts. They’ve been personally tried-and-tested by me the last few years… and dare I say, they lifted my past two Love-Days (with newborns & babies, mind you) into memorable ones. So, I dare you….

FLASHBACK! Last year's big V-Day costume at the market.

FLASHBACK! Last year’s big V-Day costume at the market.

1) PARADE YOUR BABY AROUND IN A FANCY LOVE-DAY “COSTUME.” This one’s actually my favorite and we’ve got our V-Day hot pink & light pink “costumes” all picked out and ready. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, take the opportunity to fully dress up your babes (with bows, if you’ve got girls) and hit the grocery store, local mall, neighborhood park… wherever there are people out and about. Some will stare, wondering why the heck you’ve got your babies all gussied-up for a regular weekday on the dusty park swings, but you just might get a grand kick out of the whole ridiculous experience. (I did.) It’s a memory…

2) EAT THAT CHOCOLATE OUTTA THE BOX. It’s Valentine’s Day, for heaven’s sake. Open that box and leave it open all day long. I’ve already done my solo chocolate duty, and this year I’m gonna try it with my toddler just to see where it gets us (besides jumping off the walls). It’ll be a memory…

3) HAVE DINNER ON YOUR FORMAL WEDDING CHINA. I started this on my first Valentine’s Day after my first baby and now do it every so often just for my own personal entertainment (my husband thinks I’m a weirdo, but it shows him how it wasn’t a waste to register for it all when we got married). Whether I make dinner at home or we order in, my formal dinnerware shows it’s beautiful face on Valentine’s Day. It’s a memory… (But DON’T give it to your toddler, even though she’ll be dressed up per #1 on this list.)

4) WEAR LINGERIE. I’m talking a cute, sassy non-nursing bra under your regular T-shirt… just so you know it’s there. Even if you pass out in front of the TV on the couch at 8pm, at least you know you made the effort and your husband and you can laugh about it later. It’s a memory…


4 Responses to A few Valentine’s Day “dares” for new moms.

  1. Lingerie! What’s that? Our Valentine’s Day celebrations after kids have consisted of sweatpants and ice cream;)

  2. jillsimonian says:

    ha! ours too… notice i said “at least you’ll just know it’s there” about the lingerie… i know the chances of it actually being seen are not so likely after babies! ha!

  3. Catherine says:

    Usually Valentine’s Day means pizza night or the equivalent for us since kids. I’m thinking I might need to take on a couple of these dares.

  4. I totally dropped the ball this year! No fancy V-day breakfast (or lunch or dinner) and I didn’t even eat one piece of chocolate! I did manage to dress the boys in red and myself in pink, though. We had a family date night, and even had some fro yo for dessert.

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