With my first baby I bought a travel system. One of those sets that came with a matching stroller, car seat and car seat base. We were happy enough with it. It never occurred to me to get anything else. The second time around I had a different idea in mind. I wanted a jogging stroller and not just any jogging stroller. I wanted a BOB Revolution. And I wanted an orange one.

My husband was a bit worried that the stroller would be too big and not get enough use to warrant spending the money. After all I was 28-weeks pregnant. I definitely wasn’t jogging then and to be honest I hadn’t really attempted a run for quite a while. However, I was sure I would use it. And use it I have.

Bob Revolution SE jogging stroller

My bright orange BOB revolution spends its days in the back of my car ready and waiting to be put to use in whatever manner I need. Some days the BOB only comes out to run errands or wheel the baby around while I getting shop done. Some days, like just this last Friday, the BOB ferries the baby from errand to errand, then switches gears and carries her for smooth and comfortable ride while I get my run in. Training for a half-marathon isn’t easy with a baby in tow unless of course you have the right gear. Once in while the stroller even ends up getting used to roll both of my kids around, baby either in her car seat clicked into the car seat adapter or in the regular seat and with the big kid perched on the footrest.

My stroller is a baby item I can’t help but gush about. It handles like a dream. One-handed steering,  on-a-dime turning and a smooth ride make this stroller worth every penny. Our car seat works perfectly with the car seat adapter making that travel system I used five-years-ago look silly and removing the car seat adapter to use the stroller as normal takes seconds. I wouldn’t trade this lovely orange BOB for a dozen travel systems.

So, I guess my BOB lives a pretty varied life. Runs and errands, shopping trips and the occasional five-year-old. It can, so why shouldn’t it.

Do you have a jogging stroller? Would you think a jogging stroller could be so versatile?


16 Responses to A day in the life of my Bob Revolution Stroller

  1. Ginger says:

    I love my Chariot for the reason that I can run with it and I can fold it to fit in my mini van and I can bike ride all over town in it….Lurve my Chariot…plus it has shocks

  2. Arlene S. says:

    I just recently got one, the same exact one in this picture! Im learning to re-train my body to start jogging again. It would be nice to lose some weight and keep myself moving. But so far I love this jogger!

  3. hmmmmm I need a new stroller toooooo……

  4. I had the exact same concerns about the size of the BOB Stroller and it not being worth the money when in fact, it was worth every penny!

  5. I need to check out their double stroller. Ever since I started pushing my double, my wrists hurt. I need something easier to navigate and I hear such great things about BOB strollers.

  6. BOBs are great strollers! I wasn’t sure I would use a jogging stroller so I bought a cheap one on Craigslist to test my theory. Turns out I did use it often enough to warrant the cost. But then I needed a double so I went another direction. Love how easily they handle though!

  7. I love my jogger, but I kept it just for the neighborhood, unless my husband was with me to hoist it into my car–it was just too bulky for me. I’m sure I would have loved the BOB.

  8. I did have a hand me down jogging stroller that I did not sue for jogging really but I did for long walks…..your looks much nicer and much easier to maneuver

  9. We also have a BOB! I love that you can swivel or lock the wheel. I don’t run fast enough to lock it so that was a huge plus.

  10. sherry says:

    My jog stroller was the main stroller. I used it from 6 month to 5yrs. because it was tall enough and pushed so easy.

  11. Shana D says:

    I wish I had a jogging stroller. I had always wanted one but now that my youngest is soon to be five I don’t know that it would be feasible anymore. BOB was a dream stroller for me.

  12. Jake says:

    Yes we have a jogging stroller – a BOB Revolution SE. Cannot say anything bad about it. Frankly, we had the fluffy $1000 Bugaboo and after two weeks of watching the foam front wheels fall apart, I returned the piece of junk and went with a real stroller.

    That was 5 years ago and we still use it – not so much for kids, but it serves a purpose around the yard, beach, etc. We even started our own website Go BOB Stroll a while back. 🙂

    If you are looking for a BOB, go for it!

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